No News Yet Regarding the Windows Phone 7 Apps

A fortunate debut was made by Windows Phone 7 in Newyork, this week. Handsets from Dell, LG, Samsung and even HTC were shown off by Microsoft. Having an interface contrived for the mobile phone use, from ground up, the platform appears pretty good. No start menus are present in this phone that other mobiles have, for example the Windows mobile-like menu. It simply has large virtual buttons on which the fingers can be tapped. It seems like a good platform which could go neck to neck with the Blackberry, iPhone of Apple or Android. Yet, there is a question arising about the presence of the Windows Phone 7’s applications.

To actually tell you, counting the number of applications which are available to each platform for mobiles is harder than what we think about. It looks good and secure to tell that Android has about 90,000 applications where as iPhone about 250000 apps and both these companies are still adding applications frequently or almost daily. The Web Os of Palm Pre, for comparison, has merely passed 5000 applications. This is the fact that many mobile app lovers are driven well into the universe of the Android. Though Windows Phone 7 mobile is not shipped yet, visit to the company’s official site is not boosting.

Only seven applications are seen listed on the website. They include iMDb, eBay, twitter and four major games. The feature of Xbox Live being integrated with the phone is a major selling factor for Windows Phone 7 and the reason for not positioning the mobile as gaming platform by Microsoft is not known, where as Apple having this feature positioned iPod Touch and iPhone as a gaming platform. Coming to the features of productivity apps, Net fix etc, there is no answer. A great buzz was generated on release of the App catalog of Windows phone 7, because of the features and applications it is lacking. The features got messed up by angry Birds developers when Microsoft erroneously used the logo of them on its website. This shortage of applications is may be with the design. The Windows phone 7 has outstandingly robust native functionality. The music player that is based on the ‘Zune’ appears more refined than the indigene players on the Blackberry or on Android. Similarly Office Integrated of email and contacts is extremely sleek. On divergence, a rich experience of mobile computing can be felt through this Windows Phone 7. On the whole, Microsoft may be lured to cogitate that third party developers are not necessary for this phone, but this world be an immense mistake.

Right or wrong, the app catalogs are directing people to judge the mobile platforms, now a-days. Phones are not seen as isolated devices by people anymore now. They are seen as mobile computers by their users. If a computer runs only pre-installed software, people are not interested to buy such a computer. Traditionally, developer relationships were well cultivated by Microsoft and those relationships held Windows Mobile going on fumes till Windows Phone 7 could be completed. Those developer relationships are needed by Microsoft again.

To be optimistic, there is a reason. Developing apps for iPhone 7 must be easier than, to tell, that for Blackberry. Using a XNA Game studio or silver light etc, applications can be made. But some prominent names are needed by Microsoft to sign on. If not, it will add up with a pretty, reckoned mobile OS which no other mobile uses.

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