Nokia Plans One Linux Phone, No Plant Sales

Linux software is planned to be installed into one smartphone, that’s going to be released probably the next year by the Nokia Oye and this, is as per a report from Reuters. Apart from all these issues, one of the spokesmen from the biggest handset manufacturer of the world told that the company has no idea of selling the manufacturing units as a clarification to some previous comments made by one of its executives in making the strategy update of the firm.

The marketing head of the Nokia, Anssi Vanjoki, in an interview to German-based Wirtschaftswoche magazine, said that the company is fighting to survive the falling prices of mobile handsets and the tight competition among smartphones, didn’t forbid the ultimate sales of the company’s handsets.

The Nokia Company is planning to incorporate Linux Maemo OS into one smartphone of its, that is going to be launched mostly in next year to compete with its rival the iPhone of Apple. Many experts of the market and industry are anticipating its launch mostly by next year. Already the Company’s first phone with Linux, N900 model, will be launched probably in this month.

Another spokesperson from Nokia said that the company is committed strongly to Symbian as the chosen platform for its smartphones, though the future production plans of the company are not yet disclosed. Nokia is going to conduct the capital market day, where the outline and updated strategy of the company will be announced, for the forthcoming 1 or 2 years. Samsung Electronics, one of those best contenders to Nokia, has announced its forecast about the raising sale of the touchscreen models of the company though the market analysts said that the swelling volumes in the sale are not always the sign of high margins.

One of the company’s spokesmen said that the main competitive advantage of the company is the core of the company’s business and the firm is not intending to change the model and strategy of the business. As per some news, the biggest electronic-parts manufacturer of Taiwan would be the probable contender for handset plants of Nokia.  Finnish company said that it is investing more in the services of Internet as a counteraction to decreasing prices of handsets and increasing competitions of smartphones from companies like Apple and RIM, the Blackberry maker. The share value of Nokia is moving steadily.

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