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Apple’s international launching of the iPad has really raised the bar for all the key players in the mobile PC industry. This brought in a demand like no other, felt especially by countries like India, where the arrival of the iPad is still being eagerly anticipated.

Fortunately, there’s a great alternative for those who don’t want to get left behind, and it’s called the OlivePad. It’s a tablet PC created by Olive, a company based in India. It was actually intended to meet and compete with the tablet needs of India’s as well as the international consumer base.

The design of the OlivePad alone is already very alluring. It sports a minimalist theme with its economized buttons, giving more focus to its 7-inch screen, elegantly framed with a nice black finish. So if you like it nice and simple, then the OlivePad has probably already won your heart.

It’s not one to be considered left behind in terms of features, considering that it also sports most functions most of the better models have. This includes having 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, compatibility with a host of applications, and running on version 2.1 of the Android OS. On top of that you can use the device to make phone calls and send text messages just like any other mobile phone, thanks to its 3G SIM card slot. You can even access Bluetooth and make video calls with it. OlivePad’s touch screen isn’t as responsive as iPad’s multi-touch screen, but if you think about it, not very many best-selling tablets can, anyway.

Furthermore, that little drawback is offset by so many other things. In terms of online browsing, the OlivePad works with web pages easily and renders them quite well. It also has Flash – something that iPad doesn’t support – allowing you to directly stream videos online. It also has an eBook reader and supports GPS. The two-way camera system allows you to take good photos and videos with its 3MP camera as well as make video calls.

Despite all these added features, you don’t have to worry about battery life, since the OlivePad lasts for up to 8 hours with its battery.

Think of the OlivePad as a smaller iPad that you can use as a high-end mobile phone. It’s priced at $500, which is almost the same as the iPad’s market price. Some people might think that it’s better to just wait for the iPad to hit Indian stores, but for others who can’t, they’ve got the OlivePad.

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