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Photo Slicing with Pixelmator

Photo Slicing with Pixelmator is a relatively easy process if you follow the steps outlined in this guide. The idea behind this process is to slice a photograph or image together to be used in a website in some format. There will be the option of downloading and working with the photos after this process is complete. Photo Slicing with Pixelmator Opening the desired photo for use is the first step in the process. Then a person must understand that they must select areas that are going to be used as images on the website. The selection process will involve using the save as feature for each selected portion of a photograph.

The next step in Photo Slicing with Pixelmator is to select any logo that is meant to go with the photographs and save it as a file. It is extremely important to be very precise when doing the slicing process because, a single pixel that is out of alignment can distort the whole view of the photograph. Alterations can be made to the development of the photographs. The file extension of the photographs is also very flexible. Having multiple options makes it easy to transform the majority of photographs into website ready content. The next step in Photo Slicing with Pixelmator is to repeat the slicing process on an as needed basis until all of the parts of the photo that need to be included have their own file.

From there a person will need to export the background file so that it is not transparent. Failure to do this will distort the view of the picture entirely as a finished product. The majority of people forget this step and wonder why their picture does not look as they intended it to when they were creating the design Using the transform vertical feature can help to create a shadow if this is the side effect of that the user wants in the photo. Some of this take some getting used to especially if a person is not particularly computer savvy. The next step is to make sure that all files have appropriate names.

Going through the layer portion of the editing process is the next step hiding unnecessary layers of text and background will make things easier in the transition to the final product. The background slice will need to be reintegrated before the final product is complete. This is not the time to do that however because it will overshadow the rest of the photograph at this particular time Creating a new folder under the export to web portion of the menu is the next vital component in this process. Having a folder for the images is extremely important so that everything is kept together and easily accessible.

A person can use HTML if they are schooled in that form of Internet communication. If not the graphics are sufficient to be put on a website as they are Having someone that understands CSS communication is probably the best available option so that the final design of the page comes out as you intended it to. This is a tremendous design product once a person understands the basics of using the program.

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