Product Warranty Period – Does It Equate with Return on Investment?

The day you decide to invest in a gadget, it is worthwhile to actually a little bit of research before you spend a huge amount just on the brand name. Yes, brands do command a great deal of respect and also our attention when we venture out to purchase gizmos. Research on the product to be purchased will give you insights into the features & usability and also get acquainted with brands.

For a competitive edge in the market, most companies will have additional features, special offers and even limited guarantee and extended warranty periods. But how far, these are useful depends on the purchase price paid when one invests in the gizmo. Some of the extended warranty period gadgets come with valuable service experience wherein a lot time, attention and care is provided to enhance the customer satisfaction while the gadget is get serviced by the maintenance team.

According to Joe Ridout of Consumer Action based out of San Francisco, extended warranties aren’t worthwhile all the time. Just about 50 cents of each dollar is taken from the actual gadget price for extended warranties by most retailer and manufacturer; giving an obvious advantage to the vendors. He summarises that extended warranties are essentially a bad investment comparing it with the experience of purchasing a lottery ticket with an intention to win it.

Of course, there are no alternatives to doing research before making an expensive gizmo purchase as it will give you an obvious edge over making the right purchase and also a better deal with the warranties. Warranties can be a worthwhile investment provided one makes sure of the source of purchase. Certain in-store warranties have short life and your gizmo may fail once the warranty period is over and will leave you feeling looted for the investment you made. But instead of going for the in-store warranties look for deals in places like Radio Shack and even Best Buy and go through the manufacturer’s warranty document to get a sense of the terms and conditions applicable for the gadget.

Most electronic items are prone to failure and defects and hence the warranties can come for your rescue when you incur such damages. Most warranties tend cover a three month period. Most of the time, the warranty amount sums up to the expenditure spent on fixing the gadget through a consumer electronic repair store. Hence, if you live in an area which doesn’t offer the best of electronic device maintenance and servicing- a warranty might turn out to be a worthwhile investment after all.

Yes, you do need to compare the price of the product to the warranty fee attached with it. To make a simple decision to whether you want avail the warranty services for the stipulated period and pay for the same. Some of the credit cards can cover the damages incurred while using an electronic gadget based on the offers valid against the use of that card. Some card companies do offer certain maintenance and repair services for branded items to promote their card usage amongst others to attract more card users. If any one of your credit card has such feature make sure to use it.

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