RIM Security Chief Predicts Smartphone Attacks

Recently, there was a report in which the security chief of Research In Motion (RIM), said that one day there is a high probability that the hackers would transform the normal smartphones into devices that are mischievous which can spoil the chief wireless networks by the mutated services in it.

The vice president for the security of Blackberry in RIM, Scott Totzke, in an interview said that the smartphones can be used by the hackers to target the major wireless carriers by using some techniques which are similar to those used in attacking the internet services which slows down the network traffic and this happened in South Korea and United States, last July.

This assault is known as DDOS (distributed denial of services) attack where the cyber criminal utilize the signals of cell phone to command more than thousands and thousands of computers to communicate repeatedly with a target site thus slowing the internet traffic and finally crashing it down. While speaking in the interview at headquarters of the Company in Waterloo, Totzke said that this is really a serious problem and it undoubtedly needs immediate attention.

He also added that a procedure which involves data packages could be utilized to slow down or crash the wireless network although the hackers could achieve this by using a comparatively less number of mobiles or smartphones. The chief technology official working at Flexilis, which is a software maker for mobile security, Kevin Mahaffey, said that the malicious or dangerous softwares which has a capacity to crash down or assault the system’s wireless network would probably enter via those applications which users of the smartphones install into the devices.

Many researchers of Flexilis have identified those virus-tainted softwares of well-known applications for smartphones already which include apps like Google Maps version from Google Corp and some other computer games.

Mahaffey gave an opinion that the smartphones people are using today are not just only phones for making calls etc but they are indeed their pocket computers.  So it is very evident that the users face similar problems on smartphones as they have while working on computers.

So users of smartphones have to be careful in uploading the apps and must take proper care by installing security patches regularly which can recognize the security flaws and should be authenticated like softwares released by RIM etc, Totzke said.

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