RIM’s Playbook vs. Tomorrow’s iPad

Recently joining the tablet race is RIM’s Blackberry Playbook, and it seems that it’s a formidable contender. After all, RIM has taken a good chunk of Apple’s consumers when the Blackberry stormed the smartphone industry. It literally became the staple device in the business and enterprise sectors all over the world, all thanks to RIM’s Blackberry Enterprise Server or BES.

But will the 7-inch Playbook accomplish the same feat in the tablet PC race? If it will, it’s going to be a tough nut to crack, considering Apple’s head start. The BES does, however, already hold a name for itself in the market. It promises you top data security features and management capabilities, something that the iPad will be having problems holding a candle against. And right now, the iPad’s integration of the developing iOS ver. 3 renders the system limited.

Time is also part of this equation. The Playbook won’t be out until next year, as opposed to the release of the iOS 4.2, which will be next month. The latest iOS version is most likely to possess the same, if not more of the features that the iPhone 4 already has. Will a brand new but feature-rich device like the Playbook be able to stand up to the long evolving iPad?

With how things are going on in the present, that might not be the case. After all, the iPad does have a very apparent advantage. For one thing, it’s already living in a world of networks. Since RIM is working with BES, integration with the software is indispensable to the venture. That means that the Playbook has got a long way to go in establishing ties with various management console providers worldwide. This means that businesses will most likely pick the system that has more flexibility.

If RIM doesn’t figure out a way to make its system versatile, it’s going to end up having to compete with an entire network of devices. Picture yourself in a bring-your-own-device situation with your officemates and imagine what it would feel like having less connectivity with the rest because you have a BES on your tablet. And we’re not even talking about applications yet, which Apple obviously is rich with.

But don’t fret. There are lots of companies that depend on their BES powered business structure. This is where the Playbook can start, especially since changing systems in a business that’s been right the way it has for a couple of years doesn’t happen overnight. If RIM plays its cards right it might be able to give Apple a run for its money – but not right now.

Stuff like this take time. Who knows? The Playbook might just pull a rabbit out of the hat and surprise us all.

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