Samsung Becomes Latest Company to Introduce Mobile Media Platform and Apps for Televisions and Tablet Devices

Samsung Electronics seems to have an answer for the Apple iPad on a head to head race with Apple Inc. Few days ago; Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Tab to consumers in the United States in a bid to give them something to consider in place of the iPad. Also, a content store platform for Galaxy Tab and Samsung Internet capable electronics was released bearing high similarities to the iTunes store. Thus, it can be said that Samsung is using its 7 inch touch screen Galaxy Tab to wage war against Apple in the mobile entertainment device arena.

This move by Samsung is seen by many as an attempt to keep up with fore runners in the race for capturing consumers with a high taste for smart phone, and mobile work and entertainment devices. This race is not limited to the hardware, but also the application and environment on which they operate.

Users of The Galaxy Tab tablet and the Galaxy S smart phone will be able to lease to buy premium content from an entertainment platform, known as the Media Hub. Some television series and Hollywood movies are billed as debut content, while Samsung has already gone into partnerships with top media companies including MTV, Paramount pictures, NBC, Universal and a host of others. This information was supplied by an un-named spokesman for the company without divulging the specifics of these partnerships and how content will be priced. The company also claims to have secured an agreement in this regard with Warner Brothers.

The Galaxy Tab was first released by Samsung Electronics outside the United States in early September, with a Korean telecom company already offering it as a competitor to the iPad, back in the Korean Republic. The tablet should sell within the range of $200 to $300 at retail stores when launched and we believe stores will have it before the Christmas Shopping season kicks off. Several carriers including T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and Verizon Wireless have all agreed to carry this tablet on their networks and application can be gotten from the Google Android content platform, since the device runs on Google’s OS.

To consolidate on media outlook, Samsung also redesigned and re-launched its website sporting a background with an all white and clean look, just like Apple’s website. The new site integrates with multiple social media sites and serves as a forum for consumers to discuss about the company’s products. This is intentional as can be judged from the words of a top executive of the company who said that “Consumers trust brands, but when they’re looking to make a purchase, they’re looking for peer-to-peer advice from their friends”.

In addition, the website gives users of Samsung’s Internet enable TV’s and Blu-Ray to latch on to applications for their devices through Pandora and Netflix among others. This move is more of a marketing gimmick for the applications as they had been previously accessible via the devices.

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