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Samsung Displays Frameless 55 Inch Flat Screen TV

There is a new HD TV model of Samsung in the market. It has a bezel. And the best thing is that it is so small that one can not even notice this. It is true that LG is supposed to be the thinnest one. But in spite of the ultra thin screen one can not avoid noticing the large stand. This is actually a kind of compromise which makes the slim design a bit unglamorous.

But now to compete with this LG’s slim model there is Samsung’s slim model. The best thing about Samsung LCD TV is that it has a decent slimness but there is nothing that would show up. The stand and the bezel are so small that the super slimness will look awesome.

Talking about Bezel, people get many different meanings of this. But when the concerned topic is a TV this will mean a frame surrounding the actual display. In this model the bezel thickness is 1.9mm and 3.8mm. This television is truly an impressive one.

It is true that these can be used anywhere by any customers. But it is actually best to be used when used commercially. In many advertising programs and presentations this TV is used. When these models are placed side by side you won’t even realize the gap that is there between two screens. This LCD TV models are available in 47 and 55 inch varieties.

It is important to note that this company has gained good reputation and its new experiment in this field has worked well. This is used in many presentations that are used in the advertising field. In this way it has rocked in the market. This Samsung model is therefore more preferred as compared to LG. The main reason why people have started thinking that LG is a bit clumsy is that it has a big stand that does not look too good. And as compared to this Samsung’s LCD TV is really an awesome thing. And the main reason for this is the tiny thing that is bigger in LG. If you ask various customers as to how they feel about this product. It is for sure that the rating and review that you get for this one is good.

There are so many models available at Samsung. And really most of them are hit in the market. The company thought of doing an experiment and really this worked well. Advertising professionals feel that with Samsung’s LCD TV has brought about a revolution in the advertising world too. And this has opened many different avenues for advertising sector.

It is worth noting that features of LCD Samsung are truly great and one can have only benefits if they buy this model. If LG thought that it is the king in the market then here’s the competitor which can give all other competitors a run for their money. Small bezel makes this a unique piece and something that has created good demand in the LCD market.

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