Samsung Galaxy vs. iPad

Samsung with its Galaxy tablet has entered the market which various features that may be a challenge to the Apple iPad. Though the Android device seems to be good, it is no match to the Apple iPad with many reasons in favor of the later. Read the following which will light up few facts which will help you understand why Apple iPad is the best tablet.

The first thing that you would notice in both the devices is the display. With 9.7 inch screen, Apple iPad is surely the happening tab when compared with the 7 inch Samsung Galaxy tab. This has provided the developer to develop and work with many applications within the screen utilizing all the apps. With a sharper resolution of 1024 x 768, Apple iPad surely is ahead of Samsung Galaxy’s 1024 x 600 resolution screen.

The most important factor in any mobile phone the backup of the battery life. With different functions performing on the tablets, it is necessary that the battery provides good amount of backup after single charge. With a single charge, Apple iPad lists as the capability to playback for 10 hours of video while Samsung Galaxy has the ability to run for 7 hours.

Apple iPad teamed up with AT&T to provide complete wireless technology solutions to the user and also made an arrangement that enables the user to purchase 3G services irrespective of the contract which is called on on-the-fly services. Samsung Galaxy has teamed up with four different service providers which bring down the price of the tablet to the normal smartphone. Though much detail are not yet available, but there are chances that one has to go in for a 2 year contract on regular monthly payment mode for 3G or 4G services enabled.

With the government announcing wireless subsidies, Samsung Galaxy is available any wehre between $200 and $300 which depends on the wireless service provider. For example, let us assume a data transfer of $25 per month for a 2 year contract. That adds up to $600 as additional to the already price tag making it $800 as total.

Samsung also announced that they would soon roll out unlocked version of the tablet with a price tag of $1000 as there would be no subsidies availed on this particular model. Apple iPad on the other hand is available for a price of $499.

Android application is slowly growing its own culture. As it is in the beginning stages, when compared with Apple’s iCulture, it is not matured. With a planned business layout, people with iPod can hook into their iTunes and iCulture which later on introduced the iPod Touch with different applications. With tremendous growth in the application for various Apple devices, when the younger generation joins the iCulture family, they are sure to find number of applications which would instantly attract them.

With the unavailability of the price for the unlocked version or the Wi-Fi only Galaxy tablet from Samsung, the total cost of the tablet can vary drastically which again depends on the contractual obligation.

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