Save Bushels with Used Garmin Aviation GPS Units

Garmin is one of the world’s leading names when it comes to GPS technology. Whether it be for driving through a maze of urban streets, trekking across the wilderness, maritime, or aviation use; their units are praised for their quality and durability. The only downside to buying such high quality units is the price tag. Brand new, their prices range from five hundred dollars to thousands. Thrifty individuals opt for second-hand units which are relatively cheaper, but have all the features of a brand new unit.

Aviation GPS units especially, are high-priced because of its high accuracy. If you’re a serious amateur pilot, you might want to invest in a reliable portable GPS device such as aviation GPS. Before choosing second-hand units over brand new ones, there are some things you need to know. Dependability is one key feature you need to look for in a GPS unit and Garmin has proven their worth in this aspect. In fact, it has been recognized as a worldwide market leader for portable navigation devices in 2008 by consultants Frost & Sullivan. There are seven used Garmin Aviation GPS models to use from with prices ranging from four hundred dollars to four thousand dollars.

Take a moment to reflect on the amount of money you’ll save when you buy a used Garmin Aviation GPS unit. Your savings will depend on the model you’re planning to buy. Garmin GPSMap 496, for example, costs two thousand, one-hundred ninety-nine US dollars right out of the box. A refurbished model, on the other hand, will only set you back one thousand, one hundred seventy-seven bucks on Amazon.

Most of retailers selling used Garmin Aviation GPS units will usually include all the original extras like cords, a mount, and a case. Make sure what is and isn’t included in the package before committing to the buy or you’ll end up shelling out more than what your originally intended. The downside to buying used Garmin Aviation GPS units is the shorter warranty. Brand new ones often have one year warranties, but refurbished ones will only get one to three months, depending on the retailer.

Reputable retailers may be hard to find. It’s always a good idea to canvass several stores, both online and brick-and-mortar ones to compare prices, warranties and freebies before buying your used Garmin Aviation GPS unit. Asking around works quite well too; fellow flying enthusiasts will surely be able to give you the names of a couple of reputable resellers. There are also forums online such as Risingup and Testfreaks that give out reliable information on trustworthy suppliers. Just remember to check out an online site’s reputation before making your purchase. This will significantly decrease your chances of getting duped.

All in all, buying used Garmin Aviation GPS unit will definitely save you some cash, but you’ll need to be careful or you’ll end up with a dud.

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