Sharp’s 3D Display

In Chiba which is located in Japan, Toshiba had recently showed 3D without classes on the gadgets like television and laptop. But what about 3D show on mobile devices like cell phones? Can you believe there can be such things too?

Now, where you feel this will be impossible, leading electronic companies make it possible with sheer dedication and the best technological innovations. Here’s where you can talk about Sharp’s high level technology. Sharp had come up with an amazing demo. Basically there were 2 displays one with 3.8 inches and the other with 10.6 inches. Again to remind you, there were absolutely no sues of any glass in this. This demo was supposed to be a glass-free demo. It’s true that this demo was a bit prototype. But again, you should remember as to it had just made an entry. It is worth noting that the display with 106 inch thing was the best 3D effect ever. But the range from which this should be viewed was pretty near. On a closer range there will be better clarity and hence better experience. It works in smaller gadgets too, this was what was proved. The clarity and image display that was seen was satisfactory as far as small gadgets like mobile phones are concerned.

But as we now there is a need for constant update and improvement in the field of technology, it is recommended that Sharp comes up with some additional features and markets the feature in a proper way. And it is also important to note that this was merely a demo. The final product is yet to come. It is therefore anticipated that the final product is more catchy and better as compared to the display that was there in the demo show.

As per BBC reports Sharp confirmed that this newly developed 3D technology will be used in Nintendo’s 3D version console. However, Nintendo has not yet commented on this and has kept the information under wraps. Since Sharp had also given a demo, this was not a product for masses. And thus, it is not yet announced as to what are the features of Sharp’s newly developed console.

Since there were studies to find out as to what did Sharp do to make this technology work on the demo display. Experts found that, the display uses a parallax barrier technique. In this the technique controls the direction of light, sending the image to the right and left. And to make the 3D more prominent, there would have been use of the contrast ratio and brightness on the 3.4-inch touch screen. There was also a rumor that this display of 3D was mind boggling and viewers truly liked that. Sharp has always been confident that such consoles can be used to give the 2D effect. But 3D effect was a novel achievement for Sharp in the field of technological innovations. The quality of 3D effect was good and practical as the participant in this was a small gadget.

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