Sharp’s Galapagos Tablet to Compete with Apple’s iPad

By releasing the multi- functional and portable electronic reading tablet, in mid December, “Galapagos” is trying take over Apple’s iPad. Using Japanese design and technology, Galapagos has adapted a “unique evolutionary course”, thus trying to meet the needs of their users especially the Japanese.

“Galapagos syndrome” is a term that is mostly used in a negative manner, to mention how the mobile phone industry in Japan has evolved. Japan has raised its industry in a path, all different from the rest of the world and this is the reason for which it couldn’t take a grip on the market abroad. Sharp has tried boldly to make this moniker i.e. “Galapagos syndrome” into a meaningful one ever.

Sharp functionaries said that the company’s aim is to reach a unique track of technological evolution through combining the technical prowess and detailed know-how, which stands as the strength of Japan. Sharp has introduced a service while designing a gadget, i.e. a service for delivery of magazine articles and newspaper on regular basis on set times and dates. Sharp is providing this service for its Japanese users while this app is not found in Amazon’s Kindle or Apple’s iPad.

Taking a step forward, sharp developed a scheme of “cloud media”, which is offered across a network, without stacking away on the user’s end. It is going to have an electronic book- store, which is ready concur with Galapagos launch. According to Sharp, Galapagos will be launched in two sizes. The price of it and release dates exactly are going to be announced later. By the release time, about 30,000 books, newspaper, magazines, including the Mainichi Shim-bun, will be obtainable for buying. One can download the trail version of the e-books that are recommended, for free of cost.

Sharp is intending to take on iPad of Apple, with its new device. Sony’s Reader and Amazon’s Kindle use black and white displays where as the Apple’s iPad launched color liquid- crystal screen display. iPad on its launch, during May, in Japan comes with Japanese language support, including the vertical script. Galapagos is designed by Sharp, in such a way that it has a color liquid- crystal screen display, a comparable functionality and multi- functionality such as wireless LAN and web browsing. Galapagos runs Google’s Android Operating System. Sharp keeps a target of 1 million units to be sold by 2011.

In the mean time, newer version of Galapagos with bettered functions for music, videos, games, online shopping etc will be planned for next spring. Release of the improved Galapagos version is planned for United States, Europe, and Asia along with Japan. Gadget freaks are eagerly waiting for this new Android tablet to hit the market soon. With the new interesting features and services incorporated in to it, it became the hot topic among the gadget lovers. Hope atleast by this release, Japanese mobile industry can get the hold of the cell phone and gadget market abroad.

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