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Shiny Calligraphy Text Effect in Photoshop

Many people enjoy using the Shiny Calligraphy Text Effect in designs because it makes their text stand out. Doing so is a relatively simple process if you are capable of following very simple instructions and can also repeat processes specifically. The first step is to open a new Photoshop document and create a background with a very dark color. Most users choose the highest possible pixel rate available when they are using Shiny Calligraphy Text Effect.

The next step is to overlay the background layer with a gray color choice. From there a person should choose the color white as the other color involved in the design background. Then they should blend the colors together. make sure the majority of the white is at the center. The edges of the finished image will be darker than the sensor area of the design. The next step in using Shiny Calligraphy Text Effect is to add noise about 2% and a monochromatic design. Adding noise allows the effects to be more subtle which is beneficial to the finished product The next step is to add the text of your choice in a calligraphy style font that looks appropriate.

From your design choices a person should then try to use another font style and connect the words that are starting with similar letters. This process should be continued for many lines so than the design aspect has some depth. The words do not connect well the design will not look sufficient in the finished product. Trying to find words that are compatible with each other can be difficult for a person that is not used to doing computer design of this fashion. And there will be a certain amount of trial and error associated with getting things right.

Some people choose to use the swirl element to add an extra effect. This is not necessary however Shiny Calligraphy Text Effect works best when there are multiple effects blended together in the design. The next step is to use an overlay layer of pink or blue. The objects should be converted to smart objects so that they can be edited later in the process The style should be linear at a 90 percent angle. The blend mode should be multiplied by 120° at a size 20 pixels. All of these specifications can be modified to the individual users personal tastes.

The drop shadow should be brought in next. The bavel level should be smooth and almost 200% This needs to be placed with an upward direction There should be a range of about 6 to 8 pixels in the design The angle and altitude must be approximately 120 and 30 respectively. The highlight and shadow mode should be selected and the color Dodge function can also be used.

This layer should be duplicated with a completely 0% fill in the downward facing direction The level of depth should be over 350%. The soften level should be an 8% The angle should be approximately 150° the altitude shouldn’t be approximately 25° and the shading will need to be changed to 100% highlight mode.

This layer should then again be duplicated multiple times. One of these times the level of softening should be changed to one pixel. A shadow should be added to this level and color Dodge should be used in approximately 70% A new document should be created with 40 pixel width and 200 pixel height. This document is intended for the design You can use a straight design after finding the proper pixel level. Create multiple layers of the same pattern. Hold control on your PC or command on your Mac and select your layer of text. Once you select layer mask removal, your text will become overlaid in the design. Select all text layers and duplicate this process Use the blend mode of about 10 pixels to create a glowing effect.

The lens filters that can be used to add some extra light This can be done by changing the blend mode to screen. Colorize the hue and saturation Duplicate process repeatedly until every letter is affected. Download a paper texture to be placed over the top of the letters and you will have successfully used calligraphy feature.

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