Skyfire 2.0 Beta (for Android)

Web browser for Android phones like Dolphin, Mini Opera are a favorite with many for its quality and speed. Skyfire presents you their Beta version of Android Web browser, to cater to flash video needs of phone. Android users, who have been enjoying current features and conveniences of existing browsers, may not be satisfied with Skyfire’s performance. Dolphin has additional features like Delicious Integration and offline browsing, and Mini Opera is very fast, a user will surely expect more from Skyfire.

Skyfire promised that it will run on any device with Android 1.6 or higher. This browser was tested on Droid Incredible by HTC that had Android 2.1. Playing flash videos on a web site is accomplished by means of a SkyBar. It has three basic functions. Plays embedded video on a site, browses pages related to the current ones, allows you to share pages through a social networking site.

One has to activate any flash video by clicking on SkyBar from the Menu. It still does not play all embedded videos on the site automatically. One has to choose each video to be played that are present on a site. So, one may be disappointed to get no videos even after installing this web browser. One cannot choose multiple videos at the same time, and it will become a primary reason, for discontent among users.

Also it does not work with all the sites. Like for example, CNN.com, MTV.com, NBC.com finally Vevo.com are the only ones that had SkyBar working. Sites like TV.com, Zshare, Netflix.com and ABC.com all resulted in crash. If you get a video to be played on it, you will fall in love with its clarity and full screen mode on a 800 by 480 pixel screen. Frame rate is also pretty good. But, you cannot fast forward these videos, and also pause them, though some videos may be paused as well instead of stopping.

Explore button by SkyBar is very shabby and suggested sites seem to be very unrelated to current ones. As this is also a proxy browser much like Opera Mini, it is actually downloading images of pages requested from Skyfire server, and it is not rendering pages directly to your phone. When speed considerations are taken into account, it is comparable with Dolphin. In fastness, no one beat Opera Mini, though page fidelity gets affected and there is also smooth zooming observed. So, Skyfire has no new feature that will make Android users quit using their existing web browsers. Since it is Beta version, loop holes might be more, once a fully tested version comes out, one may expect it to be little more easier to play flash video.

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