Skype for Android Available Now for Android 2.1 Devices

An Android version of Skype’s VOIP service was unveiled by Skype on Tuesday, this service will be used on phones running Android 2.1 Operating System or higher. Skype for Android service will work over a mobile data or Wi-Fi, however in the United States; consumers can only make phone calls over Wi-Fi. Skype for Android application is obtainable freely now in the market of Android or at skype.com/m.

From the time i.e. earlier this year, when Verizon announced that nine of their smart phones will have accessibility to Skype, Skype has been available on Android phones of Verizon from then. However a 3G circuit switched gateway, is used by Verizon, to make its calls. This announcement on Tuesday is about a new Verizon that can make real VOIP calls over Wi-Fi only and users do not require Verizon to make calls.

This Skype VOIP service application will allow its customers to make free calls from Skype to Skype and to other Skype customers globally. Based on the nation called, calls can be made to the mobile phones or landlines by the users for a fee. Contact synchronization and text messaging between the native address book of the phone and Skype is also been supported by Skype for Android service. The Skype contacts that are available to call or chat and those that are online are also displayed by this application. The full contact list of the users, who already use Skype on their computers, will be seen when they login to Skype on an Android smartphone.

Product manager, Mark Douglas, of Android, in a statement said that the experience of Skype is omnipresent now-a-days. Skype is being used by more and more people today, for doing things together even when they are apart. It is pleasing to know that, with the summation of Android, Skype is now accessible on three of the most regarding mobile platforms now-a-days: iOS, Android and Symbian.

Skype for Android was tested on HTC devices which run Android Operating System 2.1 and above by Skype, as reported by Skype. In a blog post, Skype commented that, Skype for Android service may run on other Android smart phones, but they wouldn’t guarantee full compatibility and functionality. The company stated that some problems of Skype of Android with the Galaxy’s of Samsung are noticed and this problem will be looked into by the company, in the near future.

Skype said that China and Japan has no availability of Skype in the Android market. This service is described as a unique experience by Silverman. This application may seem appealing to people who make calls especially a lot of international phone calls, like people with family overseas and recent experts. Recent news regarding Skype is that integration of Skype into FIOS TV or into Verizon’s 4G LTE services can be seen as future plans. All this news came out, after Tony Bates of Cisco, was announced as the new CEO of Skype. There were rumors that in the next release there will be integration of Facebook functionality into Skype. Skype is striving for a “full Skype experience” that may include conference calling, video and many more features.

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