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Socialize on YouTube

The urge of the social networking is optimum these days. The advancement and growth of the social communities have found a new and advanced trend in the video sharing and communication with the friends. The IO accelerator company with the name SocialVision, purveyors and experimenters of white label viewing party initiated software has launched recently the YouTube Social as the first consumer facing this product mentioned above. This product mentioned above which is similar to the CLipsync and many other, combine with the Facebook’s social graph with that of the IM-like chatting capabilities to view the video content in the internet online itself and hence making it very easy for the users to withhold and control the viewing parties effectively. The above mentioned name is one such fancy name for being able to watch the video along with the friends simultaneously and effectively in the real time situations.

As the homegrown websites such as the YouTube videos are one of the most OFT based online mediums as it seems natural to build a perfect platform specifically for sharing the perfect videos like them. As opposed to the many default ways, we now properly share the videos with the help of the Twitter, YouTube and through email itself. There are in fact multiple ways to precisely interact with the social community such as YouTube Social which is the easiest way to take any sorts of videos from the YouTube and typing the word “social” in the URL makes all the difference and hence automatically send the user to the YouTube Social platform.
Once the user have copied the URL in the given address link, the user can now be able to invite many of his friends to the video or use even the Facebook Connect integration which would even populate the friend’s dock where the user can also drag and drop the names of his friends into the viewing party list. The Facebook automatically sends them a proper chat message that they are already invited by the social community and also their own friends have invited them.

The video sharing is founded by the Sangheera, Karthik Kailash, Monish Subherwal and Ravi Dharawat. The video sharing which they have found is exclusively on the YouTube Social and is currently integrated on other social communities like that of the Facebook platform. With the precise integration of the video sharing and their applications, the experts are now trying to move on the mySpace and the IM integration as well if things would really go well after the launch of the product. The larger implications on this product of the viewing party and the synergy between partner contents, the viewer’s model and advertisers eventually content with the providers like that of the AMC, Direct Fox or TV and can hold the correct advertiser sponsored viewing their own correct platforms.

These social communities usually combine the real time, community building capabilities and interactive social networks with the control, analytics and monetization features in the market and hence enabling to engage the audiences, monetize and community.

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