Some Droid Users Report Exchange Issues

Many users of Motorola Droid reported problems with the exchange support of the smartphone which also includes a problem of no support in any means for the Exchange servers if some superior security traits are installed or enabled on the phone.  For instance, the mobile if lost or stolen, cannot be removed from Exchange server by the users of the Droid and no specific option is available for the user to insert the PIN which is particular to the device of the consumer prior to retrieval of Exchange mail.

In an interview regarding this matter, one of the spokespersons of Google said that the company is trying to put in some extra features of Exchange security to the Android, though the timelines and details about it are not available at that moment to announce. This announcement is neither agreeing the issue nor dismissing it. Mean while many forums and blog spots are repeatedly announcing across the internet or recommending that the users should stop using the Droid atleast for sometime, until the issue gets cleared. There are few third party applications came up with similar services like the NitroDesk’s TouchDown app atleast till necessary updates are announced by Google. This is expected soon especially by those exchange users.

The problems that are faced by the users regarding the Exchange are that, there is no notification appearing on the screen to notify the user about the email. Many people are anticipating a service update for Android 2.2. Though Touchdown is said to be a replacement till the updates are announced many companies like Motorola are nor supporting the app or guaranteeing it. Some people are still working with this licensed Touchwood app till the updates are announced. One can get this licensed touchdown app from its website via an email.

As many people are facing problems and issues in using the Droid X phone especially with the Exchange services, many market experts are recommending the users to stay away from Droid, atleast for time being. While few other experts of the industry are telling to continue with the Droid using the replacement app called Touchdown app from NitroDesk, till time being. When the updates of the service from Google are announced, it will be easy or comfortable, hopefully, using the Droid X phone. Whatever, these issues or talks will surely have a negative effect on the sales and fame of the Droid X mobile phones!

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