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Sony Cinescore 1

Sony Cinescore 1 is a program designed to create professional soundtracks for video or audio, in a quick and simple manner. It is not an audio editor or a looping program. Here, you can define the style, length of time, etc., and Cinescore creates a melody spanning the given length of time.

Cinescore 1 uses the theme concept in creating music, and is capable of changing the style, mood and intensity over time. As the song is progressing, you can direct the program to change any of these aspects. The transition between intensity and mood remains smooth and nice, as long as you allow it.

There are twenty themes that range from Rock and Electronica to Polka and Klezmer. ‘The Monaco Diamond’ is a theme that allows variations and styles to be used in any scene, and it is flexible and easy too. Cinescore 1 provides an additional track to add in hits and audio transitions along with a large number of sound effects and musical effects. Further, it has a visual system to crossfacade sound effects and music. Audio overlapping creates an automatic smooth transition that can be altered later.

The workflow is smooth with a neat and straightforward interface which is simple to use. It is possible to import and watch the video playback along with the audio, by placing it at the timeline to mark the points where you prefer particular audio events to happen. It is quite helpful for the scoring workflow.

Now, to look at the drawbacks, its time slider isn’t responsive enough for beginners. It is slightly tough to drag it along, but you can get to any point in the time, by simply clicking on it. Further, a facility to add one or two extra audio tracks, is preferable, to get some extra space to play. Lastly, a few of the themes, which are more orchestral, are not as accurate as a few other themes. Moods, intensity and tempos can be varied only after completion of the musical section, and on longer sections, more complications are possible.

The cost of Cinescore 1 is a mere 175 dollars. It may not have the type of music you require for any given project. In that case, Sony has theme packs with new music pieces that can be added to the robust collection of Cinescore 1. The latest theme packs costing 99.95 dollars each, include ‘Pass the Ring’, a wedding theme collection, and ‘Incredible Vistas’, a cinematic pack. Both these are impressive with remarkable musical styles and options, which will add depth into your projects.

Cinescore 1 is a very strong tool rather than a perfect tool. It helps you present your ides, complete your projects on time within the budget. Therefore Sony Cinescore 1 is suitable for any person who is looking for a quick as well as an inexpensive solution for a professional scores in their projects.

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