‘Streak’ Dell’s Tablet Phone Crafted for Medical Purposes

Dell’s newly launched tablet phone “Streak”, is designed keeping the medical fraternity in perspective to be used by the health care community. Streak offers front and back facing camera and video conference features. Streak is integrated with Dell’s established health care software programmes so as to easily access medical records on a secure electronic network.

Dell acquired Perot Systems last year for $3.9 billion late last year since nearly half of Perot Systems revenue came from providing technological services to the health care industry. Dell wanted to tap into that resource market as well with this acquisition.

According to Dell, Apple’s iPad does not provide adequate functions for medical use and the iPhone is too small in size to be used by doctors for the said purposes. The Streak phone is designed essentially to be used at a portable PC and mobile at the same time and for its diverse use and function it has a 5 inches screen size. The form of Streak was designed essentially to fit in comfortably in a lab coat, it apparently can slip in easily even in a denim pocket. The features of the Streak phone allows syncing with Dell’s established health care software programmes, it has a long battery life which can sustain up to 10 hours from a single charge.

The Streak costs far less than other tablets available in the market; it is available for $549.99 and even at $299.99 with a contract from AT&T for about 2 years. It has the ability work as a phone in the 3G Cellular Network and also giving the user access to data and files when out of the Wi-Fi zone.

The iPad has a better screen resolution than that of Streak and is just $80 less than a 3G iPad in price. While viewing medical imageries, the 5 inch screen may seem visibly small to the user.

The Streak tablet phone operates on Android software and connects to the patient files through an app on the phone. Will this app feature be availed by other phone companies or will it be specific for Streak is a question to be pondered upon. The use of this product can also increase due to the Dell’s established health care software popularity and may find a dedicated sales base in the medical fraternity.

Apple’s tablet may succeed in the market due to its edge over operating systems, usability and also the brand visibility. BlackBerry is also designing its Playbook by keeping the medical fraternity in mind. With the increasing competition in the market with tablet and apps enabled cell phones and combination of both at a less expensive price will definitely be a hit amongst buyers. Dell will be able to encash on this, but if anyone wants to rely on iPad for its bigger screen size for health care purposes may just have to download an app to be able to use it. For those looking for a combination of a cell phone and PC, Dell’s Streak maybe an answer for them.

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