StumbleUpon Launches Android and iPhone Apps

There is a good news and that is, the very popular web discovery service namely Stumble Upon is now available on Android and iPhone apps. This discovery that was limited only on web is now also available on mobile. If you wish to rate pages or memorize them on your gadget like videos of YouTube or any news or images then you can use Stumble Upon. Nut till today this was only available on your web but now you will also be able to use this app on your mobile. If you use Stumble Upon you will be able to integrate your pages or keep it completely in sync. And if you have to share something then too you will be able to use this cool stuff on your android and iPhone.

If you have not used Stumble Upon and wish to know as to exactly how this works then you should know as to how Digg works. Have you heard about Pandora too? Actually Stumble Upon is a mix of Pandora and Digg. If you are looking for something then with a click you will be able to find the page and it will take you to the most popular page. This page has been popular among other users who use Stumble Upon. You should give the pages that you like thumbs up and those you don’t like a thumbs down.

Till today this was there on web only. But now since things have changed and there are lots of innovations everyday. And with this these apps have come alive on the mobile too. Since time is valuable it is really an easy and time saving task if you wish to mark some content on any site and keep it stored that way in that. This also helps in sharing work among your team members. Stumble upon app also supports content with flash. This is an amazing feature of this app. And it will look amazing when this will work with complete liveliness on your android.

It is important to note that Stumble Upon is a vital link for bloggers as well as website owners. Having this application will actually add a star in your already amazing gadget with a reliable and convenient web browser. This gives you a chance for best mobile stumbling and that is really an amazing thing.

In case of network connections that are slow you can use the thumbnail mode in which you get small preview of the page that you are going to view. This will give you an idea about the content that may be there on the page. Stumble upon has become too popular everywhere especially after its launch in the mobile field too. Thus, now, Stumble Upon will be a common feature in computer’s web browsers as well as Android and iPhone handsets. This means that more and more people will be using such apps. This also helps in sharing work among your team members. Stumble upon app also supports content with flash. And thus, you can now mark and integrate all that you need.

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