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Supreme Android Apps for Your Car

If you are an avid reader and use a smartphone that runs on Android, it is time that you look forward for new applications that are available in the market which will help you sync with your car. Yes, you heard it right. There are applications available which will help you sync your phone while you drive in your car. Many applications have been introduced with which one can now find their car and help map a route in a unknown place. Read along further paragraphs to know more in detail about different applications which have become a know source among many people.

The first one to come is “Andicar”. This is the first ever Android feature application created and developed for car. This finds the most usage with people who are into sales and services field. It keeps all the track record of the complete expenses while you drive your car. It completely records mileage, next filling mile and other expenses. Different categories can be created in this application which will enable the executive to have the complete record of the expenses and the same can be transferred into a .csv or html file. With pocket internet enabled, you can send the file as an attachment directly to your email. The interface is user friendly and you also have the option to change the main screen according to your mood and ambience present in the car. This application is completely free and you can use for multiple cars without any hindrance.

The second most preferred application that one would like to have in their car is Gasbuddy application. This application, which is freeware, helps one know the present rate of gas at different gas stations present in their locality. This will enable you to drive in to the gas station which offers gas at lesser price than others. This application is created for those living in Canada and United States. All you have to do is enter the zip code or GPS start point. After few minutes, you are provided with a list that consists of different prices of gas at different gas stations available in the zip code that you have entered. This is a must have application that one should have for their cars.

With parking lots becoming a big problem, you are now required to park in the specified locations which may be far from the location you work or you planned to visit. There are cases where people have forgotten where actually they have parked their vehicles. Under such instances, they can find out their car with the help of “Parkdroid” application. This particular application, with the help of google maps helps you find out where you exactly parked your car and also at the same time helps you find vacant parking slots.

These are the few applications which are well known and there are many other such applications being developed to provide complete assistance to the user.

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