T-Mobile Offers Affordable Tethering Plan

Today, fresh data plans are announced by T-Mobile which includes a tethering plan for low-cost that is obtainable from which ever wireless carrier you are interested in, except for pricing the best deal will be a complicated procedure as the wireless plans are very knotty.  This new plans of Wi-Fi sharing and Tethering on T-Mobile will cost you around 14.99 USD for each month and lying on that a plan of “ Web Unlimited” costing around 30 USD is also present.  Some tethering plans from other carriers will cost you about 20 to 30 USD for each month over the carrier’s data plans.

This procedure becomes even more complicated, when some other data caps of carriers are featured. The unlimited plan of T-Mobile, in fact, provides data of 5 GB at a speed of HSPA+ prior to speeding up to 2G speed levels for the whole month later. The new DataPro plan from AT&T costs you 25 USD, where a 2 GB data will be provided for each month and an extra amount will be charged for that extra browsing you do. 4G/3G data plan from Sprint provides you 5 GB data for 3G speed with limitless WiMax data.

Hence the tethering plans of T-Mobile look low-priced, though not the cheapest plan for the users. For example if 1GB data is used by the user, the DataPro plan of AT&T along with tethering will be priced same as that of web-unlimited plan along with tethering of T-Mobile.  However, if the user uses 4 GB the plan of T-Mobile is cheaper.  If at all you anticipate using 10 GB of data per month, especially in a place with WiMax, the plan offered by Sprint is obviously the best choice, though the cost of it is little more.

Another plan was also announced by T-Mobile, where 200 MB of data can be obtained by smartphone users for a cost of 10 USD per month. This plan is almost same as the 250MB plan from AT&T which is priced as 15 dollars per month. The plan of T-Mobile will also be priced as 15 USD after this promotional period.

The users cannot be blamed if they are confused at this instant. Same as the products sold at supermarket, the major wireless carriers are also trying to introduce the products of theirs into the configurations and boxes that are changing constantly to preclude the subscribers from the concept of comparison shopping.

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