T-Mobile Offers Wi-Fi Calling to Android Users

After some well heard rumors about Wi-Fi calling in relation to Google’s Android OS, T-Mobile has finally announced that some of its handsets will soon be made to be compatible with Wi-Fi. These handsets are, namely, the Motorola DEFY and the T-Mobile MyTouch, which was announced just recently. This means that users of these particular handsets who happen to be in wireless hotspots will have an added advantage in terms of connectivity.

The Wi-Fi calling feature uses the Kineto Smart Wi-Fi application. This allows the users to do voice calls and send SMS messages as well by simply using these functions while under the signal of any available Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n hotspot. The only existing limitation to this potentially useful feature is that the devices generally lack support on hand-offs. This means that you can’t walk out of the hotspot if you don’t want to lose your call. When taking the call, you’re forced to either cut it off or finish the call before leaving the hotspot.

On the other hand, the limitations are merely temporary – mostly due to the fact that the offer is still very new to the market. This is probably the reason why there is no release date for the selected devices as of the moment. Insofar as release dates are insured, all we know is that the MyTouch and the Motorola DEFY will be available for the holidays.

Press releases report that the availability of Wi-Fi calling will expand to many other models aside from the two mentioned above. It’s also going to be accessible for those who have T-Mobile’s smartphones, especially powered by Wi-Fi calling. Such phones include the BlackBerry Curve 8520, the BlackBerry Curve 3G, Nokia E73 Mode, and the BlackBerry Bold 9700. Naturally, these announcements won’t be determined until later, when T-Mobile makes official releases.

The ultimate benefit to having a Wi-Fi calling function in most subjects is its potential to expand the mobility and connectivity of man. It helps people keep their identities safe as well as help them contact anyone through their phone under a Wi-Fi hotspot are. Considering that Wi-Fi hotspots are all over the place nowadays, contacting others through your phone becomes even more convinient. But right now, all we can really do is wait for the official announcements on the release date for the MyTouch and Motorola DEFY. Despite this, however, things seem very promising for consumers like us so far.

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