Tablet War Between iPad, Galaxy Tab and Playbook

With an official announcement made for the BlackBerry Playbook, tablet war has begun officially. Though a horde of tablets have been launched in the market ever since Apple stood up with its iPad, there was only a few that can claim to have developed as much as good impact as the iPad. These precisely include Samsung’s Galaxy tab and the recently launched Blackberry Playbook which is also known as Black Pad well before. The below statements make a precise look at each of these introduced tablets and show how they actually fare when they are pitted against each other. The three tablets can be well compared on various fronts so that they can be decided by the particular user as for their best.

If the user is of a kind who usually believes in “the better the bigger” theory, then he can completely overlook the so called Galaxy tab and also the Blackberry Playbook and have a precise selection of the iPad as there is no comparison needed. With a wide humongous of 9.7” display which can display stuff at eye popping screen resolution of 1024×768 pixels and no other device features the user’s eyes as the iPad can do it. Well, adding to the above features, the device has a cool half bitten Apple logo as it is rear and the user may have the most single important reason for purchasing the iPad. Compared to the iPad, the Galaxy tab and Blackberry Playbook has a 7” display with a precise resolution of 1024×600. Well, this can be smaller and the images would considerably appear sharper as of the smaller size. These two devices may have a lot easy to lug around which is unlike the iPad.

In these devices, there are mainly two types of gadgets that are freaked out to those people who purchase them for minimum capability and others are however just bothered about its very ease of the use. Most of the Apple products usually seem to be toast of latter. However, because of the late release, the Apple has even put itself right up when it usually comes to the point of hardware and it has been right in the choice. The new iPad is the very best example of such a good product that has a high proficient Apple A4 Processor other than the 256MB of RAM and you will get 10 hours battery usage. Really you can feel more comfort with that particular product. The Samsung’s Galaxy tab usually uses an ARM Cortex A8 processor which has a clocked time of 1GHz. It even has a double amount of RAM when best compared to the iPad and hence provides decent multi tasking features. The battery life is well rated at 7 hours for a day which is even considerable lesser than the iPad. But still, the iPad is very big and can occupy a bigger battery in it. The Playbook is considered to be more advanced among these tanks because of its Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 which is running at 1GHz.

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