Take a Look at the $35 Tata Tablet

Tata is a company that understands India far better than the other companies. Though India is very much an advanced country, poverty is still at large. India has achieved many technological feats, but it is still a developing country. Any new product developed, cannot be used by all classes of people unless they become a financially feasible option. So, every new innovation involving  high end technology must be affordable and Tata has been successful in this regard. It has shown the world that engineering achievements can also be made available for a lower price. One example is $2000 car from Tata. Latest addition to this, is a $35 tablet to be made available for students all over India by next year. This is basically an educational tablet and has functionality satiating educative needs of a student.

This project was a government-fueled one and was developed by students of the Indian Institute of Technology. This tablet resembles a notebook in appearance, with button controls on top of tablet and slots for card readers on one end. Developed on the lines of Apple iPad, it has a memory card in place of a hard drive. These slots are for mini USB, mini SD card, SIM card. It has a headphone jack as well. RAM capacity is 2 GB, so one can use it for basic computing needs like browsing the Web, Word processing and playing media files etc. Students can view lectures, browse for information and work on documentation using this tablet. Facility to read from various memory cards and using SIM cards is an added advantage. Though it does not have a hard drive, one can store all information in memory cards for easy storage. Using a high end model will boost the morale of students and make them more interested and technology friendly. Models that can make use of solar power have also been developed for places with scarcity of electricity. These units are priced a little higher than $35.

It was rumored that this model of tablet was to have Linux environment, but it turns out that it uses Android OS. Video demonstration shown was observed to be very fast paced and it is difficult to decide on its performance factor. It is very odd that for typing needs also, one has to use a touch pen stylus. This interface is very different from the ones that have separate keyboard, mouse connections for user convenience. However, for a mere $35 one cannot expect to get all these convenience facilities. Main aim is to get technology for use by everyone and Tata has taken very good initiatives to encourage India to be Technology friendly.

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