Tearing the Nokia N8 Apart

Nokia N8, the latest smart phone from the stable of Nokia, also known as the new flagship is the latest gadget to be torn apart by the techies at iFixit. These guys have been known to rip apart virtually all electronic devices on the face of our planet, though the insides of this new device is not surprising to many people as it seems to follow in the steps of the exterior.

The Nokia N8 is embedded with a pretty huge camera, average sized screen with a touch controller similar to that found in the now rested Microsoft Kin and upcoming Blackberry Torch, while the Xenon flash takes up quite some space within the whole set-up. Unlike the fusing found in the new generation Apple iPhone and devices based on Samsung’s OLED operation principles, the glass screen and touch screen elements are separated in the Nokia N8. For this reason, screen cracks can be easily replaced but dust particles tend to find their way through the element layers without much difficulty.

Still talking about easy to replace items, the battery on this gadget is another of such items; achieved just by removing two screws. This battery is the darling of a lot of Twitter and Facebook users as they have reportedly indicated that the battery life is more than long lasting. The location of the EMI shield and the phone’s antennas which are creatively placed will make you love the insides of this phone more. According to the experts at iFixit, this is “a genial accomplishment” and the mother board of the N8 is also a beautiful sight to behold. In essence, the phone is bold and beautiful on the exterior and interior respectively.

With all these said, there is still more to be revealed. If you are a potential or current user of the Nokia N8 reading this article, you should now read between the lines. iFixit found out that the camera of your device is a world away from that of the much hyped iPhone 4. In short, it can be said to be the very best camera phone currently released to consumers and the time and effort put in by Nokia in this regard is second to none anywhere.

The only drawback noticed in the Nokia N8 is that it does not run on Android as Nokia has insisted on sticking with Symbian operating systems all the way. We would do any thing to get the Android running on the Nokia N8 as that would make the device the darling of the world.

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