Texting Hazardous To Your Health

Many people now days, are completely addicted to phones, where even in heavy traffic these zombies are driving with one hand and with other hand on the phone, driving and working only on impulses. Surprisingly, one of my friends told that he with his wife, sitting a same table, chat with each other on their mobile devices, weird! To be frank, this is not the most surprising thing, as many modern geeks today are doing the same. The most alarming issue at this point is not the idea of computing, but is with health.

The most recent news regarding iPad, where the high class stereo speakers of it, is turning the kids deaf. You yourself can experience it too, while sitting beside a person turning on his/her iPod songs with a high sound; even you can hear the song. Such loud is the sound of it. Listening to such sound which is more then 100 dB for more than an hour, is surely terrible.

In one of the talk shows of the nation, the host, Sean Hannity, expressed grief regarding usage of headphones that when they are used for very long period there is a potential damage to the ears. This ailment is commonly seen in radio jockeys.

So as per reports, many people are affected by the unintentional effects of iPod along with other MP3 gadgets, where hearing loss is noticed among many people here in America, especially the youth.

Though not many reported regarding this, but surely it is very evident that on peeping on to the teeny-weeny screen continuously for hours and hours, the vision will be affected undoubtedly. There is also some news that people staring at the computer for longer hours, especially from less than 12 inches to screen, are getting short-sighted.  Though some of them have it genetically, as per researches, the eye muscles are strained too much while doing so.  Its upto you now, to decide whether watching the itty-bitty screen for so long, is it positive for eye-sight?

Besides the health issues, there is also another side of emotional life associated with it.  I think many of you might have noticed the harmfulness of these mobile and techno gadgets on the lifestyles of people. People are getting separated, though living together. They are isolating themselves, always indulged in texting or into music, forgetting the world around them. This is certainly an alarming feature especially in youth and children in teens. It is indisputably harming the psychology of the people.  Hence we ourselves should take care not to go into that state of zombies and better get free from those devices.

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