The iPad Versus Kindle

Comparison between these two passionately well-liked gadgets is not at all right as these devices are designed to do distinct things and the reality has to be accepted.  Both the devices are unique in their own way and users of them love both devices equally. Early this year when iPad was launched everyone including the market experts anticipated a quick downfall of the popular e-Reader i.e. Amazon Kindle. The difference between the two devices is that Kindle can do one issue well while iPad can do almost everything.  Here on the cliff of holiday purchasing season, there are many signs showing that the sales of both these devices will be a block buster. Though this is going against the physics law where two things are occupying a same place at a time, it is still happening. The reason is books and to be precise it is the e-books.

The iBookstore of Apple is executed gorgeously and the dazzling reading interface of iPad is not the only things that interest the users for reading e-books.  Some reason might be that they would have already registered in the Amazon Bookstore or Kindle app and hence doesn’t want to loose their credit and hence continues reading there.

Howard Locker, one of the directors of the company, said that he himself carries four devices with him, whenever he goes out. They include a smartphone, the Apple iPad, the Amazon Kindle and a notebook PC. He gives an explanation to this saying that each of these devices is designed for a specific cause and will be purpose optimized. He told that this is happening with many people around. He continued telling that if he wants one thing to get cleared off, he opts for iPad first as his notebook serves the purpose. This answer from him might be little off centered as a director to the company. You can notice that he didn’t opt to give up Kindle.

Recently, I came across a story on Tuaw from David Wino grad, describing iBookstore of Apple as a catastrophe. He explained this by spotting the confusing catalog numbers, difficulty in finding major titles like Random House etc. this proves that Random House and Apple are not upto the mark and not worthy to their price. To be frank Kindle library of Amazon has also missed some major titles like entire series of Harry Potter.  Nevertheless, no books from J.K. Rowling’s will be available in e-book format as she will not allow that.

Still there is abyss between reality and perception. The iPad’s from Apple are being sold out like hot dogs as every one loves to read on iPad.  When a questionnaire was conducted on Twitter asking how they would rate iBookstore, many answered that they never buy e-books from iBookstore but they acknowledged reader and iBookstore interface of iPad is surely stunning. The various criticisms of iBookstore include that catalogue is very small; some key authors like best sellers of John Grisham etc are missing. Many people accept that Kindle Bookstore offers e-books in a better way at lower prices. Kindle library suits many operating systems while iBookstore works well only if you have the iPad.

Hence many market experts say that choosing between these two devices is really a false attempt as each of them has their own uniqueness in working. They are expecting that people will understand this soon.

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