The Rise of the Tablets

Tablet is a common word which is very frequently used in technological articles and news and a tablet or a table personal computer (PC) is a touchscreen which is used with a special pen or fingers. IDC, which is a firm carrying out technology researches stated that gadget with 7 to 12 inch screen, tie together ARM based processor and run on light weighted OPs and a few examples to these operating systems would be Appla iOS, Google Android OS and so on.

Currently such tables are based on several OPs such as Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows and Android, but many people are confused about the word “tablet” and there are so many different definitions of them such as classifying them into 3 different types.

First one is the slates which are the most interest arousing ones and similar to a writing slate. Convertibles are the second ones which possess an attached keyboard and much heavier than slates and also larger in size. Lastly the hybrids are those which are the combination of the two and they have detachable keyboards.

Nowadays it has been the Apple iPad which has achieved to be the most popular out of a wide range of tables and it launch was in January 2010. An enormous number of the iPad, 3.27 million has been sold since the beginning of this year.

Following the iPad, Dell Streak or Dell Mini 5 is one other tablet which has achieved to become highly popular in a short time period. This great device has been sold in only 3 countries and it will soon be available in India.

X2 which is one of the successful Unite Kingdom based companies, launched iTablet in 2010 April and their tablet come in various sizes between 10 and 12.1 inches and these devices run on Windows 7 operator.

ASUS is a brand which is one of the most frequently read about is going to launch their Eee Pad worldwide in Q1 of 2011 and this device will be having a 12/1 inch display and will be powered by Intel core duo processor. Along with this model there will also be different models launched and it will be the EP101TC.

Lenova IdeaPad U1 is another popular alternative of these gadgets and it has the ability to function as a laptop and a tablet too and it is going to be launched in first quarter of 2011 in China. Similarly to some of the others it will be running on windows 7 and it will have an 11.6 inch display.

Alternatively to all these tablets Taiwan base Acer will be launching Android operated tablet in all around the world in the last quarter of this year which means that it will be around soon.

Lastly but not the least, HP which is another major market share holder of these devices will be having their HP slate launched towards the end of 2010 and it will be having a 8.9 inch screen and run on Windows 7 operator. The price is going to be around $545 and this is going to be a good alternative in the market.

Along with these tablets there are so many more available and there will be many more to come. In view of IDC India is an important market however the sales are very low around 1000 units for each quarter.

Oliva Pad VT100 which was designed by Olive Telecom, Sakshat, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Playbook from Blackberry, Dell Mini 5 and many more are the tablets which are available in India.

All in all the global market for these products is extremely large and there are so many different options available to meet the varying demand of those who will be making use of these fascinating gadgets.

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