The Sony Dash Review

It almost looks like a piece of futuristic software, but the Sony Dash is in fact only a simple alarm clock, which runs off Chumby’s UI and applications. A few tech nerds would really love to have this remarkable gadget next to their beds, waking them up in the mornings!

The device consists of a large 7-inch screen, which is surrounded by a thick, rubbery cover. Its sole function: waking you up.

Today, the majority of us are quite content with our mobile phones or old fashion alarm clocks waking us up. How will the Sony Dash fare in a modern age?

The Sony Dash Features

Thanks to Chumby’s UI, users can transform the otherwise alarm clock into a device that can check e-mails, play videos, show RSS feeds and play games. Yes, that is right, the device operate on a number of applications. We almost could compare the Sony Dash to any smartphone, but without the ability to receive and make calls.

The apps available for the device is limited, but how many features do you require an alarm clock to consist of?

The Dash consists of thick base, which firmly seats the device on any surface. The capacitive touchscreen is single-touch based, but is not very sensitive.

Although the device has the ability of running a number of apps for Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, news feeds and a few more, larger apps like those for general smartphones are lacking for the Sony Dash. So, when deciding upon purchasing the device, do not expect a lot from it.

Looking at Chumby, one need to realize that the apps available for the Dash is very limited. In fact, we are of the opinion that it limits the device and does not allow it to perform to its true potential. We wonder why Sony would limit the device to Chumby.

The Dash consists of no built-in application, and users may often find it tipping over when the alarm goes off.

Besides this, users are in a position to view 1080p videos on the Dash, despite the fact that it has a screen resolution of 800×480. Users can also stream content from services such as Hulu, Amazon, a number of major TV networks and also a large number of radio stations.

Why these features were integrated into an alarm clock goes beyond our wildest imaginations!

The Dash LCD Screen

The Dash makes use of a LCD screen, something many tech users may not appreciate. However, the LCD screen on the Dash is really not that bad. The Dash consists of a Sleep setting where it simply acts as a clock. The brightness can be adjusted in a way that numbers will be barely visible in a dark room.

The Dash Software

Everything with Chumby works perfectly on the Dash, although some applications may be slow at times. Updating the Dash takes around 5 to 10 minutes, but luckily users have no need to update the device regularly. The Sony software on the Dash, coupled with the insensitive touchscreen may make the usage of the device a slow experience.


The Dash is expected to retail at an amount of $149.


The Sony Dash is a truly remarkable gadget and great example of a futuristic device. Imagining all the mentioned features in an alarm clock is almost insane!

The only negative points we found on the device was indeed the organization of applications as well as the slowness of the user interface and the touchscreen.

Despite this, the Sony Dash is a great app to have and will make the perfect gift.

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