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This Thumbplay app is launched by Thumbplay Inc. and this app has got the best sound character and easy navigation compared to other Android apps. Thumbplay Inc. is established in the year 2004.this Android app of Thumbnails shows the age of the company where the app gives an old-fashioned feel in the design and it is less stylish compared to other similar apps.

A free trial for three days is offered by Thumbplay that is available in the market of Androids. When Thumbplay is tested on phones running Android 2.2, Android 2.1 and Android 1.5, it worked better on phones running Android 1.5 while it showed some problem regarding Audio Quality on phone running Android 2.2.  the phones on which it is tested are Motorola DROID X and Samsung Vibrant, both the phones run Android 2.1 and HTC EVO 4G which runs Android 2.2.

The interface of Thumbplay is very simple. There are about five icons seen at the screen’s bottom part- Search, favorite, Player, My Music and Featured.  When any of these icons are tapped, different screens can be viewed. Featured is the Home display in which new albums that are released can be viewed, a lit of music genre can be searched, the most appealing albums, artists and songs that are present on the network of Thumbplay can be viewed.  The tab of My Music enables the user to find Offline Songs, Offline albums, Favorites and Playlists. By tapping the Favorites icon you can view the albums and artists which you want and no songs are available. Search tab allows the user to search through the albums, artists and songs.

Player icon is little confusing where the control panel at the bottom disappears when this tab is tapped. Here the control panel will be replaced with a completely different interface where the user can play, pause or move backward and forward in any song that the user is listening to. Majority of the screen space is occupied by pretty album art along with the information of songs. The user can also shift back to earlier screen or can even create a new playlist with the option “Playlist Genie” or can add songs to an already existing playlist or current playlist can be shuffled or a song can be repeated with the help of control panel.

It would be even better if it has a cleaner interface and control panel at the bottom do not disappear when player mode is entered. The music library of Thumbplay has almost 7 million music tracks at present. This is quite satisfactory for music lovers. There are more music tracks in the competing applications like Rhapsody and MOG. Hence Thumbplay is trying to cross its contenders, though it takes some time. The best thing and buying factor of Thumbplay is it awesome sound quality. The music of Thumbplay app plays at around 96 kbps while the competing Rhapsody and MOG app play at only 64 kbps. Even in the absence of network connection, a high quality music tracks can be obtained.

Some complains of the app are that the album art are loaded slowly which slowed the over all performance especially on Samsung Vibrant. Other mobiles didn’t show much difficulty in loading the album art.  On the whole, this app is good though not a very great option for music loading on the Android phones. Much work has to be done to uplift the grade of the phone to match the generation of apps in2010.

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