Top iPad Applications for Kids

The number of iPad applications being developed specifically for kids are growing by the day. So, parents should beware and note that kids will not stop hijacking their iPads from them any time soon, in so far as there is a steady flow of apps targeted at kids. The interesting thing about these kids’ apps is that even adults get fascinated by them and it might be a means of greater bonding for parents and their young ones. To give a clearer picture, let us run through three of the top apps in this category.

Using educational connotations make these apps more acceptable and the first of them is the My First Words HP application which is a great tool for helping kids in kindergarten or pre-schoolers learn simple words. This can be done by spelling tutorials and in different languages. Right now, we have the program in about six languages including English, Spanish and Dutch, so there is something to fit every one’s needs. A review of these apps indicated that the learning words were divided into three categories namely Fruits, Animals and Colors across same number of difficulty levels. The easiest level shows the kid the location to drag and drop a letter to when spelling from that category and gets harder with increasing difficulty. This will surely help to improve the spelling capability of these kids, making another plus for the iPad.

Similar to My First Words HD is the Hangman HD which is a technologically advanced version of the regular hangman. With six different word categories available in this application, it is perfect for elementary school kids desirous of testing their spelling skills. Kids are allowed to tap from a selection of letters to make up the required word before the cowboy gets hung, like is done in the game, Hangaroo. There are six tries available to ensure that you do not get the cowboy hung in the app. A correctly chosen letter stays in the correct position on the word, while a wrong choice marks a black X on the body of the hangman. It is a pretty interesting gaming and learning app that even adults would love.

Finally, to our third kids’ app for today, this is My First Puzzles HD. This is a visual wooden puzzle that requires pre-schoolers and kids a little older to drag and drop a number of puzzle pieces into the right location. A familiar “ding” bell like sounds lets the kid know when they have dropped the piece in the right place and this culminates with applause when the maze is completed. This can be played alone or with others.

The good thing about these apps is that they cost only $1.99 and are available at Apple App Store online. They also introduce the notion of “drag and drop” to your kids quite early in life.

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