Toshiba Libretto W105 Rating

Toshiba Libretto W105 has some fantastic enigma. Most of the people ask one question and that is, what thing is this? Is it a laptop, iPad or a netbook. Well, this is a dual screen laptop. Yes, this is revealed and this is just amazing. It is nothing peculiar to any other gadget. This is truly an amazing gadget. It has the 7 inch touch screen. It can not be a netbook and this is because, it does not have a keyboard. It actually ruins on a dual core processor of Intel.

This has gunmetal aluminum. Vents are placed on the sides of this gadget. The reason why this is made like this is, since there may be problem of over heating, this can be avoided. This gadget runs on Windows 7 and it is actually Nintendo DSi. It has dual screen and thus if you feel, one will be less powerful than the other, then in that case you are wrong. It is vital to note that both the screens have amazing display and that is, the resolution on which it runs is, 1024X600.

Toshiba software has great facilities for Libretto W105. This provides so many tools that this software will provide. It is true that the place where this gadget lacks a physical keyboard. But it is vital to note that even the virtual keyboard works well. It is vital to note that the keyboard is kind of a Haptic thing. The best thing is even though you have a virtual keyboard, there are so many styles that will be offered to you for the purpose of choosing.

Now, many people ask as to what kind of typing experience one will have. The answer to this is the experience that one will have will be somewhere like typing on SmartPhone. Some people also say that they feel like they are using iPhone 4. The problem is it does not have auto correction feature. It also lacks what we calla s predictive texting. Yes, but the benefit here is, you can have access to the screen while you use the fingers. Thanks to the virtual touch pad.

But the problem is when you are using this gadget in very bright light then you will have problem using the virtual gadget. This is because when this happens then there will be lot of glare which will make you have problems with having a look at the gadget’s screen. Now, here’s something very bright about this gadget. This will enable you to use e-Reader. When you wish to use Toshiba you will get an amazing free app. With this app you will have a complete book reading experience and it gives you all such facilities like turning the page, opening the book. It is true that sometimes reading books on your gadget can be a bit irritating. But still, as compared to others, this is much better.  Libretto W105 is much better than netbook as far as the speed is concerned.

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