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Two New Features for Security in Facebook Are Out

Recently Facebook has faced troubles regarding the user’s privacy, while using the Facebook. To come out of this new amendments are made by Facebook to constrain the security rules by introducing two newly made features to increase the security of user’s information and their accounts on Facebook. These new features include remote logout and one-time passwords. The feature of one-time password will be helpful and makes secure while logging in from some public places like internet cafes, hotels, airports, offices etc. this one-time password feature can be requested from Facebook when you think the computer you are using, might not be safe. But for now, this feature is available only for users in U.S. To access the feature, mobile number must be present in the account information. To receive the password one has to type “otp” and send it to 32665 from the mobile number that is present in the contact info of the Facebook. This is available only for the users in U.S. the password that is obtained by this is temporary and will expire in 20 minutes.

To be frank, this feature is very essential for users in India and similar countries, as many people access their accounts from internet cafes, unlike the users of US, who have good PC penetration. This feature will be available soon even in India.

Though this feature seems to be a helpful feature in response to the facebook’s concern about security, many experts of IT security firms say that this one-time password security feature is not as helpful as it is claimed of. The Senior Technology Consultant, Graham Cluley, from Sophos, questions that why people want to login to Facebook from computers outside, when they know it is unsafe. He says that though the key logging spyware , which gives a permanent back door to the cyber criminals in to the account, can be stopped by this temporary password, the malware cannot be stopped which spies all the activities of the user online and view all happenings on the screen. But it can be a good feature for the users who have no option other than logging in to the public computer like internet cafes, as it can keep atleast some information safe. As every one knows, some safety is better than nothing.

Coming to the next feature, it is the “Remote logout” feature. Through this feature, users can sign off remotely, the sessions of Facebook. This feature is available now to every user. This safety feature in Facebook is useful when user logs into his/ her account from a public computer or a friend’s computer or mobile and forgot to signoff the account. You can sign out remotely and can also know whether your account is opened in other computer or not. For this, you need to open your account settings and see whether you are logged in still on other computer or phone and you can even can logoff remotely, from your computer.

All the active sessions can be seen on the page of account settings under the section of account security. The first security feature helps us to stay crystallized on any unneeded scenario which compromises the safety and security. For people who do not have good reason to sign in to Facebook on public computers, it is not safe, but these features can be safe and give security to some extent for user logging in from public computers and who have no other option. People are advised to keep their security information updated now and then & make the online experience even safer.

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