UAE’s BlackBerry Users Stick To Their Devices

According to a report from Reuters, Dubai, few users of Blackberry in the United Arab Emirates are changing to other smart mobile phones despite the fact that they are facing an impending interruption of services unless the manufacturer Research In Motion (RIM) and the government come up with a deal to abide by the regulations. Almost all of the 5,00,000 customers are expecting that a best deal will be made before services are abruptly disconnected, with many of Etisalat’s consumers keeping firm, with approach to subscriber data, an Etisalat executive said that the number of users in Blackberry has not diminished. The market of it has not been impacted yet. The United Arab Emirates government has said that it will set aside web browser and email services, Blackberry messenger services from October 11, unless Research in Motion (RIM), the marker of Blackberry, works out a way site encrypted servers in the country, such that UAE can get access to messages.

An executive of Etisalat said that they are one of the largest markets in the Middle East and they are sure that a deal will be accomplished with RIM. He also added that there could be an extension of the deadline, if finalizations of the final agreement do not take place by October 11. India and Saudi Arabia have also posed a threat to cut off its services but they have reached an accord with RIM. An official from UAE, in an interview in the month of September said that country was very affirmative about accomplishing a deal before the final deadline.

Etisalat and du, the two telecom operators of UAE, have offered an alternative smartphone option, which include devices from Apple’s iPhone or Nokia. The device has become popular amongst the youth of country and has become unavoidable to its financial and business community. The Vice President, Marwan Shurrab, at Gulfmena Alternative Investment said that he hasn’t switched to any other mobile, mainly because he don’t think that it will be blocked. He also added that as other nations found an answer for this issue, so to Dubai will also be capable to find a solution. According to the experts, there is a slim chance of suspension.

Telecoms analyst, Shardul Shrimani, from HIS Global Insight, said that he is sure that this deal is going to be done. Summating to it, he told that the commotion to the community to reconsider their communication strategies.

Handling and encryption of the information sent from Blackberries, is done by the servers outside the UAE. The UAE has vocalized fears over its lack of ability to access the information, citing sovereignty and security issues, and stressed that it was not capable to get the deal, as new telecoms rules took force, three years ago. Another telecom analyst, Marise Ananian, at EFG Hermes, said that if the services are suspended, and a deal is not obtained, it will be a major negative impact on business community since the UAE and Dubai is a major business center, adding that the cut off chances were slim. He also said that though they suspend the services, it would last only for a few days as the UAE is extremely important for RIM. Senior Vice President of brokerage, Nabilal-Rantisi, at Rasmala Investment Bank, is still keeping his Blackberry, even before 5days of the final cut-off decision. He said that he didn’t switch as he thinks that an agreement will be reached.

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