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Ugly Meter iPhone App May Turn as a Cyber Bullies Tool

As per a report from in which experts of online security said that, this new app of the iPhone known as ‘Ugly Meter’ may turn as a tool for cyber bullying, which may include kids of elementary school too. This app which costs about 99 cents is available now for users of the iPhone in iTunes stores of Apple. This app recognizes and scans the facial structure which measures symmetry, proportion and also other features. This has been downloaded for more than twenty thousand times and it is for users of iPhone whose age is 9 and above. A snapshot will be scanned by the app and a score of 10 to 1 will be submitted.

In every app people tend to score highest points that is 10, but in this app people want the lowest score i.e. 1 desperately. A score of 10 in this app garners a message of “you are very ugly, the toilet gushes water, when you pass by the wash room.” A simple 9.4 brings, “you appear to run a 100 yard dash board in a gym of 90 yard.” Many critics say that the software of this application may be malicious when it falls into wrong hands though the developers of the application say that they are precisely having some fun. CEO, Stephen Balkam, of a Washington-based Institute i.e. “online safety of families”, said that this app is exactly on the border line of right and wrong situation. He also added that the developers of the app are having some fun and everything. It might be quite amusing or funny for people who are at the age of 26, 25 or 28, but this app can be rather reverse in 15 or 14 years child’s hand and especially when a photograph of someone else’s is submitted by the child and which is the circulated around the school. It might be quite embarrassing and may hurt the child’s heart.

Balkam told that he would not allow or rather discourage his daughter who is 14 years old from using this application, though he would not forbid the application completely unless it is being used maliciously. It might be potentially damaging especially for pliable young tweens and teens. According to Dr, Gween O’Keeffe, the author of a book on cyber safety, told that this application could theoretically cause crushing impact on young teens and tweens, though not on everyone.

Gween told that there is a thin borderline between razzing and teasing each other. This is seriously deleterious and especially harmful on kids who are having low self-esteem, with crushing blows. She also added that no good comes from this application and apps like this. There are many other ways to acquire fun and happiness in life. O’Keeffe suggested Apple that it should either try to remove this application from the iTunes store/ online store or should make inaccessible to minors. She feels that Apple should not have it forever or atleast for the minors.

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