UK Retailer ‘Dixons’ to Launch Own Tablet

Dixons group which is a leading retailer in UK has recently announced that it has planned to launch its own Android Tablet brand. Now this news is truly amazing. With this, there will be a positive contribution in the latest Android Tablet market. Dixons further suggested that this brand will have the names, The Advent Amico and Advent Vega.

As far as Amico is concerned it is anticipated that it will have 7 inch touch screen with other features like camera and Wi-Fi. These are the only predictions and estimations made. Industry experts are still finding more details about the same. But it is still kept under wraps. It is anticipated that the sale price of this tablet will be 129.99 pounds.

Vega is a larger tablet as compared to Amico. It is anticipated that this may have a 10.1 inch touch screen. This runs on Android 2.2. Information is available on this model and it is estimated that it will have 1.3mp camera, Wi-Fi, 1 GHz dual core processor and SD card slot. It is also anticipated that the battery of this tablet may last for around 10 hours minimum. The price that this model will attract is 249.99 pounds. Thus with more advanced features you can say that price is a bit higher.

There is good craze in the tablet market in regards to these models. But you will still have to wait in order to access to these brand models. They will be released on November 1st 2010. All those who are desperate to see these models feel that it is pretty long wait. But anything that is good requires some waiting for sure.

With advent of Dixon’s Android tablets there will be a revolution in the market as these tablets are affordable and reasonably priced. Dixon is a reputed company and is parent company of PC World and Curry. This company will boost its reputation as well as sales due to this amazing launch in future. With these launch people who seek the tablets at affordable price will be truly satisfied. Amico is cheaper as compared to Vega and thus it will have higher sales and more and more people will be able to use this junior Wi-Fi tablet to view videos, pictures etc. It is still not clear that whether Amico will have multi touch screen. But if you look at the price then you can find out that at this low price there won’t be a multi touch screen.

Vega is considered as a serious threat to the already established Android tablets. This is because it is a large contender with multi touch screen. On this you can have access to popular sites, news and events, gaming sites etc. It is also estimated that Vega will be powerful as compared to net books.

To be brief, when these two will be launched in November, one will have an exact idea about how the consumer market will react and respond to this. Now what one can do is, just wait and watch.

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