US Kindle Store Now Has Over 700000 Books

For a perfect business, there should always be a perfect source for publicity and awareness. The Amazon.com is one such leading global internet company in the world which is the most trafficked and retailed destinations worldwide. The Amazon directly sells and acts as a fine platform for the sale of variety of products which mainly includes music, books, videos, clothing, consumer electronics and some of the household products. The majority of the Amazon’s sales which are sold by the Amazon are the third party sales. Through the year end of 2006, the Amazon had approximately 64 million active customers who are available worldwide. In the year 2006, about 55% of the whole Amazon’s revenue was evenly generated in the north America and about 45% of its sales were generated in the International segments. Within the North America, the media was 61% of the entire sales of which 34% of the total was electronics and general merchandise shortly abbreviated as EGM. The other revenue was only about 4% of the total. Within this international segment of the Amazon.com, media was about 72% of the entire sales and EGM was about 28% of the total sales. The Amazon has direct links with the United States, France, Canada, Germany, Japan and other parts of the United Kingdom. In fact, Amazon was the first online shopping website with one of its largest product supplies online.

The Amazon.com has released one of the small update to its Android application which includes the voice search and a Wikipedia dictionary. There is another interesting fact hidden in the update. The interesting fact is that, the US Kindle store has now about 700000 books in it. There were about 670000 books present by the end of previous month. There was a steady pace in its book increment and as of the April end, there were about 500000 titles. As of the previous reports, there were only 400000 titles. Barnes and Noble claims to have about one million titles for the purchase. However, one of the readers pointed out that some of the books Barnes and Nobles are counting are free of cost and public domain which are out of copyright and pre 1923 books. These titles of the Barnes and Noble are available for the US Kindle shop as well but apparently they are not included in the public tally records available in the general stores.

The Amazon claims that the latest version of the e-books are been selling in the market like that of the sale of hot cakes. With more Kindles of the next generation, it is included that the first four weeks of the Kindles are available, more than the same in the timeframe for the past versions of the device and technology. It is interesting to hear that the Amazon sold about three times of its Kindles books in the half of 2010 as it usually did in the first half of the 2009.

The fast growth of the Amazon does not even mean that it is not paying proper attention to the competition. The company recently released a brand new ad which is directly targeting the ipads. They illustrated that the Apple’s new device isn’t easily visible in the direct sun as the Kindles for reading.

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