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There are very many neat designs that can be created when using Vector with Illustrator. People enjoy the creation of 3-D graphics will certainly get a lot out of this particular feature in the computer program. Many people think that using Vector with Illustrator is a complicated process, it does not have to be if a person has access to a step-by-step guide. Getting things to be perfect when using this program will take some time, so a person needs to be patient with their design creation in order to get them to be exactly what they are seeking.

If nothing else Vector with Illustrator will help a person to improve their graphic design skills greatly because of the detail needed to use the program effectively. The first step is to create a new document using the desired pixel rate. Depending on the final destination of the design that is created, a higher pixel rate should be used for Internet-based content. The next step is creating a black rectangle which will be at the base of all other designs created within the document. Some people choose to even give their rectangle its own layer using the layering development tool.

From their person will need to add a ellipse at the center of the black rectangle. Adding another circle that is a little bit smaller than the first can also be helpful to the design process. a using a blend of white and black will be helpful to the contrast of the final product. The stroke weight should be placed in about four for maximum benefit. Doing in the circles with black is the best possible way to get the highest level of contrast out of the product. Vector with Illustrator works best when people are constantly putting another circle in each layer so that the bevel effect is maximized to the highest possible degree.

Another circle should be created for the benefit of using it with the sharp selection and the Minus Font styling. This entire process should be repeated several times on multiple layers for maximum effect. Maintain several tries to get the desired effect to work properly however most people using this program understand the design they are seeking and can work with the specifications necessary until they get the desired outcome they are looking for Duplication of the elements and then flipping them vertically is used in order to create depth perception within the illusion that has been created.

Next a person will need to add a white circular objects to the center of the design. Follow the same process only make one that is smaller, and then repeat the process alternating between black-and-white colors. Make sure to always align the designs properly after every new creation. Create a black triangle. The black triangle should be set at 10 Px horizontal and zero vertical. Re-signs the elements vertically from previous layers Now create a black rectangle and a white rectangle.

The creation of blocks with four elements in each is the next step. To make sure none of the elements are at the exact same angle. Do this for multiple layers. Now text can be added to the layers Make sure to group all the rectangles together. This should give you the desired design that you started out to need in the beginning.

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