Verizon Questions Sprint’s 3G Reliability Claims

One of the advertising arms of the bureau of Better Business, suggested Sprint to stop campaigning itself as the best reliable 3G network of America as per a request from Verizon Wireless firm, whereas the Sprint responded saying that the company will plea the decision. Sprint and Verizon are in conflict in considering the data to determine the reliability or consistency of the network. Verizon requested the NAD (National Ad Division) of the board of Bureau of Better Business to scrutinize the matter and NAD decreed that the approach of Verizon is to a greater extent. Among few ways in measuring the reliability of the network, one of them is driving test which is accomplished by the Nielsen Mobile, where a group of technicians drive through certain areas and test the reliability & functioning of the wireless networks provided by the companies.

While Verizon claims that the most advanced driving tests of Nielsen Mobile only have to be used in checking the reliability, Sprints argues that both the older and newer testing tools should be balanced and testing should be done so as to justify the issues of weather related, failures in cell towers and other one-time trails.

NAD supports Verizon and said that the claim of ‘most dependable’ can be supported only if the network passes the driving tools which are the most advanced or recent in the Nielsen Mobiles’ driving tool data.  When tested with the Nielsen’s advanced driving test tools, the Wireless connection of Verizon has lower rate of connection failure and lower rate of task failure when compared to that of Sprint’s.  There was also a better performance regarding session reliability by Verizon.

So based on the most advanced and recent drive tests of Nielsen,   Verizon is determined to have superior qualities than Sprint by NAD, thus undermining the claim of ‘most dependable’ by Sprint, as per a report from NAD.  The strength of the signal was also taken into consideration by NAD in determining the most reliable network.  NAD also commented that the Sprint does not have that sufficient support to claim as the most reliable network of America especially the 3G one and hence Sprint is suggested to withdraw its claim.

One of the spokesmen from Sprint said that the decision is requested and there are some mistakes doe by NAD is determining the strength of the signal as it dependence is not relevant.

Thus there is a battle going on in between the two major companies, the Sprint and Verizon in determining the most reliable network.

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