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Studies conducted recently regarding ‘don’t drive while texting’, shows that banning messaging through phones while driving did not solve the problem of distrait driving. Another study revealed that the rate of collisions and road traffic accidents have increased after the law enacted. For this Vlingo has given a potential solution, where in, by using its InCar application, it allows the users to message without using the hands.

This full version of hands-free application was added this Tuesday, to the market of Android. Though the application was released in its preliminary stage, in the early days of this month, it was successful, by which the drivers could message without taking their eyes off the road and hands off the wheel. In an interview to press, Vlingo’s chief executive and president, Dave Grannan, told that from the data of third annual of Vlingo i.e. ‘ messaging while driving’ in U.S , many users (about 35%) were found to continue messaging while driving even after banning this, by enacting the law. Vlingo declared that the usage of Vlingo InCar application is being used by about 65% more everyday, by an average user and it is still increasing, since the launch of the application i.e. From Oct 7th. He also added that with an extra carrier support, many Android users will be armed with an alternate solution, which might probably give safer roads than before. This app can be initiated by pronouncing a pre-set name by the user, to awake their mobile phone. After this, the driver can give voice prompts through which sending, receiving and reviewing the text messages is made possible and also he/ she can make calls via this application, hands free. InCar application goes automatically into the mode of listening when the Bluetooth is connected by the user. This application of InCar is slightly different from other similar applications in the feature where, other application users have to tap the touch screen to start the phone whereas the InCar users can utter a pre-determined name to start the device.

This InCar application is compatible with Operating systems of Android 2.1 or even higher ones. A feature known as ‘Vlingo Answers’ is also added by the company which enables the users to ask some questions and get an answer interpreted to them loudly.

This application also enables users to search the internet through Yahoo or Google, update Twitter and Facebook statuses and posts, access third-party and built-in applications of the phone, and talk into any application via the voice keyboard of Vlingo Everywhere. This application also features a Super Dialer which enables one-click calling. Signing into Foursquare is also enabled by this application. The Car Home application for Android Phones was updated recently by Google, which gives the users some hands-free services or features.

Because of the growing awareness regarding distracted driving, people are becoming aware of its consequences and are trying to adopt new features available in many applications. Hopefully such applications might reduce the road traffic collisions atleast to some extent and make the roads safer than before.

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