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What It Takes to Unfriend Someone on Facebook

Social networking is the platform through which net addicts are socialising these days. They know what is happening in your life as you upload pictures, add new friends and change your status message.

Gone are the good old days of catching up over evening tea parties and shopping dates; it is all happening online now. These days one can get home all the groceries and gadgets at the best MRP on the online platform. One would definitely choose a life virtual than the real one which you would agree can at times be very cumbersome.

Facebook, Twitter, Orkut are some of the alma maters to many young school and college going children. These social networks were a platform initiated to connect young collegians but now people from every age group are on one or the other sites. Many boast of having multiple profiles across these social networking sites and having huge friend lists. Many marketing communication companies are relying on these social networking tools to build brands to directly reach their target audience.

This new age platform of networking and socialising is a big hit with everyone as long as it is friendly and fun. But what happens when things aren’t that smooth with your connections? Connections on a social networking platform are usually friends which are again categorised into groups of classmates, colleagues, good friends, family, etc. and many more.

As easy it may seem to befriend a person online, it is even easier to unfriend that very person. It is very common to share thoughts, views, ideas, photos and videos on Facebook with friends as it is a convenient medium to do so. Facebook helps us showcase our lives to all those whom we are friendly with but with those whom we do not want to share our stories with, the best option would to block them or delete them from our friend’s list.

Facebook offers privacy options which can be customised by the user to suit their individual preferences. Through these options we can always block a person from viewing our profile and pictures to a certain extent. The customising option on Facebook gives immense power to a user to block certain people to safeguard their information.

A study conducted by a student of University of Colorado Denver Business School will give us some interesting insights into as to why people unfriend their connections on Facebook. According to Dr. Christopher Sibona people tend to unfriend their connection as they frequently upload irrelevant, rude, racist comments posted online which may affect the user. Also religious and political issues may also give rise to difference of opinion pushing either of the users to block the other. The study also revealed 57% unfriended their connection for the above sighted reason while 26.9% users did it for personal reasons more offline in nature. Many would want to block their family members to keep their dating and secret friends undisclosed.

Facebook is an easier medium for the introvert, geek to communicate with a person and connect on social and personal level. The only thing needs to be observed is ‘netiquette’ to a certain level to achieve respect and attention on the social networking platform.

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