Why the Kindle, Not the iPad, is the Booklover’s Choice

It’s not hard to see why people would find it more practical to get their hands on an iPad over the Kindle: tablets and other handy gadgets are meant to be versatile. That’s why people get mobile devices to begin with. But there are a lot of reasons why the Kindle makes a better e-reader than any other device. In fact, these reasons are more than enough to beat the iPad if the two are pitted against each other.

But what’s the secret? You just have to look at it in the booklover’s perspective. Naturally, the needs of a typical on-the-move businessman (unsurprisingly geared towards the features of the iPad) will be world apart from the book enthusiast’s priorities. Therefore, taking the right viewpoint makes all the difference in passing your verdict.

So what do book readers want the most? To read, of course! That is, to be able to enjoy the one thing they love to do anywhere and everywhere in the most efficient and dynamic way possible. In terms of e-reading, that means having a device that enhances your reading experience.

The iPad may be a great gadget, but not in the eyes of a reader – literally. The Apple gadget’s screen size alone makes it impossible to hold over your head for a long time. In contrast, the Kindle’s screen is specifically designed for reading massive amounts of texts (i.e. books) in one sitting. Plus, it’s really light weight, so sitting back with a Kindle in your hands is pretty much like reading an actual book. If anything, it’s an even more comfortable reading experience.

And because Kindle is specifically designed to please readers, it will never disappoint when it comes to supplying you with reading material. Getting a gadget like Kindle that could store many times more books than you can drag with you on a vacation ensures that you’ll never run out of reading material. In fact, it solves the age-old dilemma of frantic readers who end up running out of books to read on the first week of their one month break. This is the one thing that the iPad doesn’t do for its users – invest in reading material.

This is not to say that Apple will never touch the hearts of readers worldwide. In fact, Kindle users can always use the money that they saved from not buying the iPad to get an iPhone – a more practical choice for all other functions that an avid reader might need. But when it comes to letting bookworms do their thing, the Kindle wins hands down.

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