Winnie the Pooh Puzzle Book Now on the Apple App Store

Virtually every kid whom has watched TV cartoons knows about Winnie the Pooh and how interesting the series can be. In a bid to move up a notch higher and guarantee more revenue from the long running cartoon series, Disney Productions has launched a new iPad app that will star Winnie. This is a puzzle book based application named “Winnie the Pooh: What’s a Bear to Do?”, which promises to deliver unrivalled interactive fun and learning experience to kids through multiple Apple devices.

This is not the first app that Disney Publishing will launch for the iPad as it has achieved some success with previous apps including Toy Story 1, 2 & 3 in addition to “The Princess and the Frog” launched recently. However, Disney seems to have added quite a number of improvements around the interactive nature of “Winnie the Pooh: What’s a Bear to Do?” making it look and sound better than the others that came before it.

Children can read along and learn better with the interactive pictures and movements popping out through the screen of the iPad. They can assist their beloved Winnie achieve desired goals by completing missing parts of the puzzle as they read on. So, it is more of a fun and reading experience all the way till the puzzle gets completed.

Parents and kids have embraced this application because of its wonderful features which include professional and clean looking illustrations, sound narration with a teaching voice that appeal to the kids. It is also possible for parents to record their children’s voices in the process of reading along the story and then listen to the playback. This can serve as a means of getting the children to read while you are away with the playback used as evidence. The much loved sound track of Winnie the Pooh also plays in the background all through the process making it more enjoyable.

Also, different reading modes are available giving room for choices in line with the child’s mood. These modes include the Auto Turn Pages, Read to Me and Use My Recording. Multiple jigsaw puzzles, surprise packages along the way and a rich visual interface add to the fun.

All these combine to make this app one of the best iPad apps available for kids at a give away price of just $0.99.

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