Wirelessly Connect Laptops with TVs

Today nothing is difficult mainly because of various technological innovations and discoveries. Did you think that watching Internet video on your living room TV is a tough thing? Well, it’s no more a difficult task. Something that plays on your TV can be connected to your computer too. You just have to buy a gadget called Veebeam which is 99 USD in cost.

There are two parts in Veebeam. There is a hub which plugs into your TV. And the second part is USB dongle which plug into your computer to laptop. There is communication between Dongle and USB and this connects the two electronics.

Veebeam can be controlled from your laptop with the help of the remote control. This will help you watch TV on your computer’s screen. Just install the Veebeam application on your laptop and go for plugging the dongle. Many people have been using their laptops or computers for watching television programs. This helps them to maintain their privacy or whatsoever if they wish to watch the program on their knees.

It is important to note that Veebeam does not download movies from the internet. Many people have this kind of misconception in their mind in regards to this gadget. There is one more thing that you should know and that is, all that discussed as above works on windows 7, mac O.S X 10.5 or higher. If you have windows XP and try the exercise as mentioned then you will not succeed. In short, if you wish to use Veebeam to play television on your laptop or computer then there should be windows or operating system other than windows XP.

The best part is, when the file is being sent from television on your computer, you can work on your PC and do everything that you would normally do on your computer for that particular time. And after your television systems are launched on your laptop you can pause, play, rewind or forward what you wish with the help of the player. The speed of this is 480 megabytes per second and thus there is nothing that will fall. You will have continuous flow of the program.

Veebeam is actually a video player that is basically simple in nature. It does not make the features complicated to make you confused. The best thing is, it is affordable in cost and bears a price tag that is reasonably quoted. The display that you get will be in the speed of frequencies of the radio. But again, this stays away from any kind of interference of Wi-Fi or cell phone. This gadget that is just for 99 USD was launched a few days back. And since the time it is launched, there has been good demand of the product in the gadget market. This itself proves as to what consumers want. If you provide what they want the product has to succeed in the market in spite of tough and cut throat competition. Buying Veebeam is not at all tough, it is matter of a few dollars only.

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