ZONG M9 – Probably a Prepaid Youth Brand? [Updated]

M9 by ZONG? What it could be? No information available on any of the sites, www.m9.com.pk and www.zong.com.pk. A TVC was broadcasted today offering people to book their numbers in advance. We are not yet sure what ZONG M9 it is but assuming that it could be ZONG prepaid youth brand like Telenor Djuice, Jazz Jazba, Ufone Uth.

It is also expected that the offer will be launch in the start of next month (New Year). The webpage has an image with “Coming Soon” on it. And also “Book Your Lucky Number. Now get your lucky number with the opinion of out expert Waseem Jaffry” .

Upon further investigation, we got to know that Waseem Jaffry is Pakistan-based Marketing Consultant and Numerologist. The domain m9.com.pk was registered in July 2010 by CMPak Ltd. The TVC could be a leak but it can also be a teaser (it doesn’t look like one but it teased most of the Mobile geeks. No?)

I like the TVC a lot. It doesn’t have the typical dancing and stupid jingles instead it is very creative. Though it looks like some Indian TVC I don’t remember but who cares as long as people like it.


Update: Lucky Number page is working now but when you enter the name it says “Service is unavailable. Please try again shortly”.

Numbers play a vital role in your life, can you imagine forecasting the future on the basis of Numbers, or know about the ups and downs that will come your way.

Imagine getting up and starting your day in a world without numbers. Like many things, we take numbers for granted. From time to time Mr. Waseem Jaffry has challenged his friends to go through their day without using numbers. No. You can’t lie in bed all day. The trick is to carry on a normal day and not use number. Don’t look at your clock or wristwatch upon rising. Don’t turn on your radio or television set most of all Don’t call anyone.

When you leave home don’t buy a newspaper pan or cigarettes. Don’t get on a bus, taxi, rickshaw or drive to work. Don’t ride on elevator or climb floors or keep the important appointment. Get the point?

Before the day is over you will use a number or set of numbers to make decisions that will influence you. For instance, what is your address number? What number bus or train will you take to travel, shop or work today? When you are at home this evening, what channel numbers on your T.V. Will you watch? Numbers are interwoven in our everyday speech-“One of kind”, “a two timer”, “working 9 to 5”, “hitting the number”, “Prize Bond number” etc. Numbers are all around us – in money (numbers expressed in Rupees), a paycheck, an Identity Card, even a house number. They are expressed in every form imaginable.

Mobile has become an integral part of our lives! We carry it everywhere with us Find out what Mobile number will be lucky for you!  Enter you name in the portal & let Waseem Jaffry tell you what Mobile number will be lucky for you & why!

Update 2: Book Your Number Page is working as well but there is no new code. Most of the numbers are booked. Don’t know Whats their plan :s

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7 Responses to "ZONG M9 – Probably a Prepaid Youth Brand? [Updated]"

  1. Badar says:

    I think its youth brand.

  2. Qayyum says:

    Looks like a zong youth prepaid brand to me as well.

  3. Qasim says:

    The TVC is good. I hope the package is also good.

  4. Hannah says:

    Bankwas network, bakwas packages. I like the ad though 🙂

  5. Haysam says:

    Whats your plan? Book number page is not opening as well.

  6. Shaheer says:

    you can check the pakage details by dailing *247#… i didnt find anything new with this plan.. all what they are doing is playing with the existing services,,, and giving it the name “whats your plan” i was looking for the internet pakage that in which i can purchase MBs… bt they are offering all the same pakages… nothing new hasbeen introduced.. i hate you ZONG ;@

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