Exciting Technology Expected at CES this Week

It is expected that tablet computers will lead a host of gadget in the Nevada desert this week at the Consumer Electronics Show, which spotlights new devices soon to be made available to the general public.

It is expected that the CES attendance should top the 126,000 number this year as the roster of exhibitors has climbed from 2,000 to 2,700.

With this year’s CES we expect to see Internet software that will fuse with televisions, cars and even household products. We also expect a number of tablets to unleashed, which are all aimed at challenging Apple’s iPad.

According to CES organizers, a number of around 40-80 tablet computers could debut at the event. None of the tablets, however, are expected to be a threat to Apple’s iPad, although they may all want a share of the tablet market, which Apple currently dominates.

Some tech analysts, however, warned consumers that Android and Windows may not be right for tablets for at least another year, so do not expect any progress in this regard. This will also give Apple the opportunity to establish itself more firmly in the tablet market over the next when, when it is rumored that Apple will announce a second generation of the iPad.

According to information, a sold-out “iLounge”, spanning 50,000 square feet, will be crammed with accessories and software for iPads, iPhone and iPods. There will be a wealth of exhibitions for hardware and software related to Apple products.

Internet connectivity will also play an important role in this year’s CES, with dumb gadgets from television sets to appliances being made ‘smart’ with software that saves on energy consumption and shares a wealth of information using the Internet.

3D Televisions have been a hit with last year’s CES. They are expected to return this year, but this time with announcements of partnerships with television studios providing content to the devices. It is expected that TV makers will play up flat-screens that let people access the Internet without set-top boxes.

Some rumors are doing the round that Microsoft is expected to provide first looks at Windows 7 media software for Internet televisions. Some analysts expect that this technology may even be better than that of Google and Apple.

Some are also expecting Steve Ballmer to share a glimpse of the successor to the Windows 7 operating system released in 2009, in his keynote presentation scheduled for Wednesday. Many are expecting an announcement of Windows 8 to be made this year.

Telecommunications will not lack behind this year. Verizon and AT&T are expected to announce faster Wireless Internet Networks. Many of these networks will be crafted specifically for smartphones and tablets.

Automotive exhibitions are also expected to be hit at this year’s CES with cars infused with Internet technology for driver safety, fuel efficiency and entertainment.

We believe that this year’s CES will bring exciting technology, which will surely impact the way in which we will interact with the Internet, each other and even our household items!

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