FinallyFast.com to Refund Thousands of Clients in Deceptive Advertising

Ascentive, the company whose late-night commercials claimed to “make a computer run fast, the way it is supposed to,” will pay tens of thousands of dollars in fines and refunds to clients in settling charges that it engaged in deceptive advertising.

The software was advertised on its website, FinallyFast.com. The company will pay $78,000 in penalties and offer $17.90 refunds to thousands of its Washington State customers who purchased the company’s software, but did not use them.

At the website, FinallyFast.com users downloaded software that tests their systems for any performance bottlenecks and then offer cleaning things up – at a fee. Users of the software claimed that it did not work as advertised and that Ascentive racked up charges without properly notifying clients.

Assistant Attorney General, Jake Bernstein said that the company peddled scareware. This is software that always found severe computer problems, no matter the condition of the computer being scanned.

According to court documents it was said that the company’s free scan software always came up with adware and endless, annoying pop-up warnings that exaggerated problems on the computer scanned.

Clients who wanted to cancel their subscriptions were forced through a cumbersome process and finally had to respond to an e-mail message before their accounts were actually closed.

According to Bernstein, the company now agreed to change the ways in which they advertise and bill its products.

Back in 2009 Ascentive sued Google, who refused to run advertisements of its products. The suit was dropped within a month, and Google is again running the ads for FinallyFast.com.

It is unknown how much money the company has generated from its software, although Ascentive claims that there have been more than 20 million downloads of its free scan software.

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