New Unhinged Touchpads Could Make Life Easier

Synaptics, the company behind touchpad technology in many laptops, showed off the next generation of touchpads at the CES show in Las Vegas. The technology has already been planned for a number of upcoming laptops.

The new touchpads will make use of image sensing technology and has already been introduced to some laptops manufactured by Lenovo. The technology allows them to sense more than just a couple of fingers on the touchpad.

Users will now be in a position to make use of more complicated gestures to get things done on their laptops.

In tablets, the new technology allows users to make use of all ten fingers to control the device. The image sensors can also tell when a user really wants to touch the screen or merely moved a hand pass it.

According to the company, the technology can also tell how hard a user is pushing down on a screen, which makes it useful when using drawing programs.

The notable change in the new technology is the way in which users click the new touchpads. Many devices no longer have separate buttons for clicking purposes. They are, however, hinged, meaning it is easy to click at the bottom of the screen, and increasingly harder as you move upwards.

The new technology has no hinge, which means the whole pad moves up and down. It will be a breeze clicking anywhere on the pad.

The new Series 3 touchpads should be available in laptops by June 2011.

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